After some very agonizing days we have finally made it through the first week. There have been tears shed and moments spent worrying and wondering how Chance has been. If he was ok, scared, lonely, happy…..  I was able to get his first care package put together and sent off so that was kind of therapeutic and fun.imageThis week has been lots harder than we ever imagined but we just keep praying and hoping that he is doing well.

His P-day was set for Tuesday’s so as soon as we woke up we waited patiently for an email. Finally, after hours of checking our in-boxes, we received his first email.  We got the answer we had been hoping for. He is doing awesome and is not very homesick so that was a huge relief. We can finally sit back and relax a little.  Here are a few words from Chance’s first letter and a picture of him and his companion Elder Irwin


Well the MTC has been awesome!! The spirit is so strong here! Thanks for the snacks:) My companion is Elder Irwin from Tricities WA. Hes a little quiet but super funny when he does talk. He has 4000 acres and runs cows. He likes to hunt and he played basketball so we have some things in common.  Our roommates are Elder Herbst from Mesa, AZ and Elder Collins from Thatcher, AZ. Anyway the spirit is awesome and its sooo cool living this way. There are no unkind words spoken, like literally zero. I have never prayed so much in my life. We say like 10 to 15 prayers a day but individually through the day I say that many myself. We pray when we wake up, before every meal, before and after every class, before every lesson with an investigator, and twice during our lessons, then before we go to bed. I have never read the scriptures so much either. I read them when i wake up, during class, during personal time and companion time, and before i go to bed. It has testified to me over and over this is the true church. I read certain scriptures and wonder how anyone could have any doubt. And the bible confirms the book of mormon over and over. John 10:16 says “other sheep i have which are not of this fold.” He is talking about the people in the americas! Revelations is my favorite book in the bible, its a little hard to understand but it prophecies so much. Alma is so amazing.  So a brief overview of the days. Wednesday-First meal, sirloin steak and ice cream:) Thursday- I learned a ton my first day. We taught our first investigator Anthony. It went really well. Elder Irwin and I were called as Zone Leaders! we are over a few districts so close to thirty missionaries. Each district has a district leader who once a week interviews each senior companion then we interview each district leader on how there district is going. Friday-We taught Anthony and got him working on goals to be baptized! Saturday- Anthony told us he knew the book of mormon was true! but that was our last lesson with him:( We played frisbee with the elders from our district. Saturday was the first night i really thought of home. Elder davis gave us cinnamon rolls. Sunday- a really good day:) we walked around the temple. We had an amazing talk by elder bednar about the character of christ! It was awesome! well i love you guys!! And i miss you lots! Hope everything is good at home:) More next week:) P.S. weve eaten fish tacos and lamb gyros 🙂

So, as you can see he seems to be settling in well and if you haven’t guessed, we have kind of instilled the love of food into our children.  I can’t wait to see what next week has in store!