As we are working our way through week two I figured out the answer to one of the most asked question of all times, “where do all the mates go to the socks!”  It’s been said that the dryer eats them, that there is a sock fairy, I’ve even heard that sock gremlins take them for sacrifice. Well, I finally solved the mystery. Elder Chance Brown!!!   Yep!  If you have a teenage son and trust them to put their clothes away, think twice!  As I have been doing some deep cleaning in his room and cleaning out clothes and drawers I came along a drawer that was packed full with socks. As I started pulling them out I realized there was about one of every kind. A whole drawer full!!!  I’m not talking about three or four. I am talking about 20-30!  Luckily for some odd reason I have hung on to all the miss paired socks hoping one day they might find their mate and that day has finally came!  He had every sock I could possibly think of in his drawer. So, now that it’s all said and done, they have been taken back through the wash and paired up again, all of us finally have all of our socks back.  We all went from five or six to about twelve and Trent’s drawer is chuck full!  Going from 10-15 to about 40!  Oh that child!!  The things we miss(and don’t necessarily miss)😂!  We may not miss having our sock drawers empty, but we sure do miss his jokes and that dang feeling of something or someone missing every night.  The one thing that keeps that feeling to a dull bearable ache is his weekly letters. I don’t know how we would survive without them.  They are a saving grace and I now understand how our Heavenly Father feels when we miss a day or two of prayer.  He longs to hear from us and his heart must ache when he can’t communicate with us.  Weekly communication just isn’t enough.  We must strive to keep that communication open throughout our day and teach our children that daily contact with parents is what will keep them on the straight and narrow and will keep those relationships close throughout life and beyond.  So, as I ponder on what this next week or two might hold(because he is expected to leave the MTC next Monday at 3:30 a.m. With a flight to Lubbock at 7:30. Which means we will miss his P-day and his only chance to write us until the following week). I will let his latest letter fill you in on his second week in the MTC.

Well heading into three weeks! Cant believe its been that long.. Glad to hear everyone is doing good and just want to say i love you all! I just want to tell everyone the church is true! It has changed my life in so many ways already and i know it can do the same for you if you will read the scriptures and pray. Live your life the way Jesus did and it will bring so much joy into your life! Im not perfect or even close to perfect but every day when i live the missionary life and devote myself to His work and lose myself in his service i feel His love and i know the same can happen for you. Try to serve someone daily. Ok background on the past week. Wednesday-Some sisters had a bat in there room that they didnt know about and in the morning one woke up with it on her neck!! she is now in containment to make sure she isnt a vampire;) jk but she really did have a bat on her neck. So we taught brooke and i read her the scripture about the worth of souls is great in the sight of god and bore my testimony that her heavenly father loves her and wants her to come unto him and when i looked up her eyes were starting to rim with tears. And then she prayed at the end of the lesson and a tear fell! the spirit was awesome:) we got two new districts in our zone so we are zone leaders over about 35 missionaries. At the end of the day some zone leaders who were leaving came into our room doing the finding nemo chant with blankets over there head and started giving us gifts like candy, the penguin of knowledge, the fork of evil, a toy truck, guns of protection(nerf guns), cupcakes of deliciousness, and a cup of noodles. we are supposed to sign it all then pass it to the next zone leaders. Thursday- Brooke didnt do anything we challenged her to! She didnt seem in tune with the spirit at all and it was a rough lesson. When we got back to the room me and elder collins pulled out the nerf guns and had a little war haha. we both walked around corner of the hall so we were at opposite ends of the hall then we started walking towards each other whistling the tune from the good, the bad, and the ugly then had a draw. We started going to bed after that when we got a phone call from the front desk saying we needed to give a blessing and so we got dressed and went to front desk at like 10:30 and it was one of the bat sisters haha. She was having a really rough time because she had to stay another week while the rest of her district got to leave so i gave her a blessing and the next day i asked how she was doing and she said much better so that made me feel better because i was so worried. Friday- well today brooke went amazing! it was our last meeting with her but she had read the night before and prayed a little too! Saturday-Nothing to special just a usual day but thats a pretty good day here. Sunday-Fast sunday! it was a good day and i wasnt hungry at all. President lainey talked to us hes our branch president. He had a good quote. “when all is said and done, there is usually more said than done”. we also had Chad Lewis come talk to us! the tight end for the Eagles! then we went and watched the movie the testaments and the spirit was so strong! Monday- Today was our first day with David, a southern baptist going to uvu, and it was not good. He kept trying to prove us wrong and kept looking at his phone and watch and didnt even get up to get the door he just told us to come in then stayed sitting while he shook our hand and stayed on his phone. I was so mad but last night i prayed he would be humbled and blessed with an open mind. We also taught susanna and that went better. She was concerned about how all the other churches are worldly and i read her 1 nephi 6:5 and told her that we only teach things that are pleasing to god and she said she liked that and she invited us back. So yeah that has been the summary of the last week! cant wait to here from you all next week:) Love everyone and thanks for all the support and hope you are all doing well! Id like to end sharing my motto scripture Romans 5:19 “for as by one mans disobediance many were made sinners, so by the obediance of one shall many be made righteous.” remember guys. obediance brings blessings, exact obediance brings miracles. talk to ya later!!