Well, the third week was one of the longest weeks of our lives. We knew there was a high chance that we would not receive an email because of his flight that was headed out Monday morning. We had high hopes that we would maybe get a call from him from the airport but also knowing Chance we knew there was also a chance that we wouldn’t hear anything. Only because we knew that calling us would make him homesick so we worried he might chose to not call us. After a long week we made sure every single phone in the house was off vibrate and turned up loud.  Right around 6:30 a.m. The phone rang. Trent and I both jumped out of bed. I heard him say over the phone Something about 4 minutes to talk so I ran like a mad woman shaking the kids and telling them to hurry up and get in our room to talk to Chance. We all made the rounds, hurrying because we weren’t sure if we were going to be cut off or not. I finally realized that he had used his check card and was probably being charged by the minute, but after about 10 minutes Chance decided he couldn’t take anymore and told us goodbye. It was heartbreaking for all of us to know he was homesick and we couldnt do anything for him and I was worried sick for him that he would be nervous about his plane ride. Ainsley and I watched his plane take off from our track your plane app and watched the little plane icon fly by Farmington, coalville and off over the Rockies to Denver for a layover.

Well, we knew he had made it and now we knew we had to wait. And wait, and wait, and wait. One week was going to be soooo long to hear from him again. But, we were lucky enough to get a little email that afternoon from his mission president. All it included was a picture, but at least we knew he was safe and sound!

Can you believe all the new missionary’s that flew into Lubbock!  Gods army for sure!!  Now we just get to sit and wait a whole week. This p-day stuff is for the birds!!

Well, three days went by and I couldn’t take it any longer. This mom had to have more info on her baby boy. So, as all loving, caring moms would do 😉😊. I turned to Facebook!  I pleaded with anyone for information on my lost child through the Lubbock Texas mission page. Someone had to know something!  I hoped!!  Sure enough someone calmed my soul. Some sweet little mother had a son that happened to be at their transfer meeting on Tuesday and just happened to remember elder brown, where he went and with who. And as luck would have it, this missionary returned home on Wednesday and his mom was able to ask him and report back to me!  I was thrilled!!  I couldn’t believe someone actually got me some info!!  So,Chance was with an elder hullinger and he was transferred to a town called tulia. Way up north in the panhandle!  

I could finally make it to Monday. I knew he was safe and sound and I knew where he was.

Saturday night we received an unexpected text. It only said, “elder hullinger and elder brown.  Tulia Texas. Texas bbq”. Attached was a picture. 

Someone was taking care of my son and they wanted us to know that he was ok. And they fed him!  What a relief!  Doesn’t he look good?!  The tears came!  Real proof that he was ok.

Week 4-  the anticipated day finally arrived. I have my phone set up so it alerts me with a loud horn as soon as an email comes through from chance. About 11 a.m. The horn sounded. I quickly reached for my phone and there it was!🤗. An email!  My new life line that will keep me afloat for the next two years. This email was for Ainsley, but at least I knew I would be hearing more from him soon. About 20 minutes later I got my email. Here is just a tiny piece of it.

Hey mom! yeah it was hard to call but it was really good to hear from you guys. That makes me so happy ainsley said that. Its good to see bird is doing well. I got called to open a new area in Tulia, TX. Its a small little town but nice. It had around 5,000 people but only about 30 members. Ive had a super hard time this last week. I love you so much mom.

Our house

In our living room! 🙂 haha!

So, not what I was hoping for. 😕😢. No info, no long letter telling all about his companion, his new area, or what he had done all week. At least there was a smiley and a haha!  It could be worse. I had to remind myself that almost every missionary goes through this. They are homesick and go through so much change in just over three weeks. Trents email was a bit longer but still not anymore up beat. So, now we wait again. Hoping next week his spirits are up and we get a little more info. We did get a few pictures from his mission presidents wife’s blog, so that was nice. 

We are learning that each week is a roller coaster. That it’s unpredictable and at any moment, out of the blue, we can lose complete control of our emotions. One minute we are laughing about something he did or something that he said and the next minute we are bawling like babies.  Missionary life is so much harder than we ever thought. It’s such a beautiful ride, yet oh so heart breaking.  We worry and stress and never ever stop wondering what he is doing at any given time, but we have complete faith that he is right where he should be. That God will take care of him and protect him and whatever pain any of us go through, at the end of the day it’s oh so worth it. – D&C 68:6