Chance was doing lots better this week and it was so relieving to hear that he was enjoying his week and getting into the missionary spirit. As for us, we are kind of getting into a routine too. The shock of having him gone is wearing off and we are slowly learning that five is the new family number. I still sat out 6 plates the other day for dinner, but we will eventually get the hang of it. Probably just in time for him to come home! 😊. Here is his letter for the week.

Hey everybody sorry its been awhile since youve heard from me! So let me just start off by saying Texas is great! never before have i met such an awesome group of people who are all so charitable and kind. Even if they have never met you they will love you. I have already been fed so much then after dinner they send you home with the leftovers. Everyone wants to feed you too and everyone wants you to be involved in what they are doing. So my companion is elder hullinger. We got called to open a new area, Tulia TX. There is only two member families here so we have to drive 30 miles to Plainview to go to church. The two families here are awesome though. The Roberts are the ones we are the closest to and they know basically everyone here. The past week so many people have stopped them and told them that they judged mormons to quickly and that we are actually really nice people and its impressive to them that two 18 year old kids can have there heads screwed on so straight. Thats good they have been saying that because i thought we were going to have a rough go of things haha. So last monday we met Lisa. She had taken the lessons before but the missionaries left before she could be baptized. She feeds us pizza once a week and is really excited to get back into the gospel. Then we met guyerrmo. He is a hispanic that we found in his yard and started talking to. he asked for a book of mormon so we gave him one but we havent heard from him since. Then a few nights ago sister roberts came over and told us what people she thought we should talk to. She told us about Larry and Nedra. They are an older couple that used to have 14 quarter horse mares and they raised roping and cutting horses but they sold out a few years back and now just have a few horses. Nedra is a heavy smoker but a few years ago was almost baptized but Larry was very against all of it so she backed out. As soon as sis roberts brought her up i instantly got a good feeling about her. So the next day we went to meet her but she was going to amarillo so we only talked for a second. Then on saturday we stopped back by but she was asleep because she was sick. But larry was outside so we started talking to him and at first he was very stand offish. But pretty soon i started talking to him about horses and what bloodlines he had and he used to work on a big hereford ranch so i started talking cows with him then we started talking roping and by the end he was really friendly and told us to come back soon. I have a really good feeling about these two and i know i was sent to texas for people like these. I just hope the spirit will soften there hearts to be ready for the gospel. So our house was in the middle of a flip when we moved in so its pretty dingy right now but its getting better. Last friday was tulias homecoming game and we got asked to help out in concessions and i was like oh yeah thatll be relaxing and maybe even get to see a little football…wrong. Tulia has 5000 people and all of them and there dog were there. The concessions never let up the whole game. Texas football is a real thing guys! and so is pickle juice popsickles…yep texans have there weird things too. The bright side of it all was we got to see the whole town and most people were super friendly to us. Haha so  last thursday we were walking down the road and found a turantulla. I couldnt drag elder hullinger away from it. He had never seen one before and he wanted to take it home but i wasnt going to let that happen haha. Now for the weird story. So saturday Plainview was holding a support breakfast for first responders. we helped with breakfast and after breakfast they brought in a real gospel choir. It was definetly a different experience. It doesnt stop there..After that the “hip hop hotties’ came in. Not what i expected from the name. What i got was about twenty women ranging from age 45 to 65 dancing to watch me whip and cheap thrills. Definelty a memorable experience but one that i wish i wouldnt remember haha.So yeah id just like to finish with a challenge. I want to challenge everyone to be more charitable and loving. 1 Cor. 13:4. I have found since being out and helping people and helping my companion that i am a lot happier. Yeah it might seem like a burden but really its not because if you are in the service of your fellow man you are only in the service of god. Please try to do one nice thing for someone each day and i promise you will be blessed by it. Till next week! Love you all!!

Here is another email he sent answering some of our questions we had for him.

As far as my companion…….. He pretty openly admits hes a city boy and would never survive on his own in the woods if he had too. The other day we woke up pretty early for a community first responders thing and later that day he told me he was definitely going to take a nap and i didnt really say anything and he asked if i wasnt tired and i told him i was but that we didnt get called on missions to sleep we got called to spread the gospel and he hasnt taken a nap yet. Then the other night i told him we really need to focus more on finding people. Ive been trying to get him to exercise so this morning we went for a run. Our house Is a members house they were going to flip but they are letting the missionaries in right now. we have to drive to plainview for church which is about 30 miles away. last p day we played frisbee golf with the branch president and the plainview elders and he took us to sonic before. There is a family in plainview that has and will feed us every sunday. They are a really cool family, the Rollins, and i really enjoy eating at there house. There little girl thats like 6 said i was her favorite elder and she drew me some pictures. shes a super cute girl and makes it fun because she reminds me of ainsley.

This is Chances mission president and his wife, David and Mary Heaps. They sent us this picture with a nice little letter reassuring us they will take great care of Chance. 

Laila Rollins.  We are so glad he has a family that he can relate to and that makes him feel “home” so far away.  She is a cutie and does resemble Ainsley a little bit. 💜

Not much info on this picture, but pretty impressive!

Here is Chance’s second package we sent out. It was so fun finding green items to put in it. A little to much fun!  I ended up sending more than I planned but oh well!  I’m sure Chance didn’t mind!😉. We 💚 our Greenie