This week we were gearing up for Halloween. The girls and I spent several hours on Sunday preparing a package for chance. It was lots of fun and so nice to spend the day dedicated to serving chance. 

We hope he enjoys decorating a bit for 👻 Halloween and eating a bit! 

I loved this talk by jack goaslind. It went right along with our theme for the package. “Preach the gospel to every creature 🕷” mark 16:15

Here is his letter for the week.

So this last week was pretty fun! we went to the bible study with The youth minister, and it went pretty good!  On wednesday we delivered snak paks. This is a thing the school board does for children who go hungry on the weekend. Also we were knocking a street and i just had a little thought to go to the next street too. So we did and one of the last houses we knocked on there was a lady named Shanae. She told us she would listen to our message but we asked if her husband was home and he wasnt so we have to go back another time. On thursday we met with lisa. she was supposed to be baptized this summer but her mom died and she got busy at work and she kind of fell away. she started smoking again too. Elder hullinger told her that the closer she gets to god the more satan works on her. then I read her acts 14:22 and told her that we have trials but we need to be expediant in our faith. then we asked her to read and she asked what specifically and me and elder hullinger both turned to 2 ne. 31! it was pretty cool! then we had been fasting to find investigators and that day the maintence guy at the hospital gave us two referalls.  then we had stake conference and listened to elder keech. he is a member of the 70. He said something way cool! the balm of gilead is service. If you want the lord to do something for you then do service. I want to challenge each of you to do that. As you do service and forget yourself you will be blessed. Just try to find one person a day to serve. I promise you will see the blessings.  I honestly have no idea what i want for my birthday. I am really content right now. I don’t need a lot. Just you guys haha. Honestly the best present would be something the whole family agreed on and something you all think I would love. thats what I want:) I hope all is going well! im not going to lie im pretty homesick but i know i need to be here and i love how its changing me! Im still struggling a little because I just want to be the perfect brother and son and the person I was back at home was far from that. But I know that I will still suffer a while because of the atonement but I just hope to be able to become a better person because I love you all so much that I want to not only the best brother and friend I can be, but also the best example I can be. Love you lots! thanks for everything.  see yall next week!

So, as you can see, he seems to be growing every week and his faith and testimony in Christ has grown tremendously in such a short amount of time.  We also received quite a long letter in the mail. It answered a lot of the questions we have been asking him for about a month now. It’s been really hard on him to get time to email everyone and spend time writing back. He loves the emails and we are so glad he is getting so many. Please keep writing him. He loves them and just know if he doesn’t get back to you individually he really does appreciate it and looks forward to it so please don’t stop. :).  They limit the time he has on the computer and he also has to write an email to his mission president. Keep the emails coming!!  He loves them.

As far as the rest of the letter, he wrote how he is glad elder hullinger is his trainer and how he has gotten really close to elder mozingo. They have quite a bit in common. Farming, football, joking around and they are both from Utah. He loves the Texans and says they eat a lot!  He is enjoying authentic Mexican food, mentioning that it is nothing like the “authentic” type you get around here. How they haven’t eaten BBQ much and he has fallen in love with the famous Texas “blue bell” ice cream. It’s the best he has ever had and said they even have camo ice cream!  And he told us a little neat fact about Texas that we didn’t know…bamboo grows there. In little bushes about 20 feet tall. If you remember there are only a few member families in a large area where he serves so he has gotten really close to them. The Roberts take such great care of them. They have 8 kids so he has loved being there. He plays chess with the their 8 year old. Sounds just like home!  Bow loves a good game of chess!!  Then there are the Christensen’s. The dad is always helping them and giving them rides. He helped chance with his 🚲 bike!  Not sure what happened, but we are so thankful for many helping and caring hands. The moms all feed them and give them extra food and drinks to take home. The other family is the Rollins’s. They are the ones with the little girl that reminds chance of Ainsley.  They have five children.  He is learning some Spanish and he said that in Texas everything really is bigger!!  Spiders, tortillas, fields, pivots, spider webs. He said a catface spider made one that was about 6 feet tall and 2 feet wide! 😱🕷!  Yuck!!  He is still not adjusting to flat ground and is homesick for the mountains. He said he has gotten to the point where he gets excited to just go on the overpass to gain some elevation. Driving sounds pretty crazy there and he said it’s really different than driving in Utah.  They go and do some sort of service at the hospital. He really didn’t go into detail but he seems to enjoy it and thinks the CEO is a “super cool guy” 😎.   He ended his letter with several scriptures for us to read, study and ponder but there was one in particular that I loved and this is all he says about it “simple as that”. The scripture is John 14:15. Look it up!  It’s perfect and honestly so simple and true. The gospel isnt complicated, it’s not meant to be difficult. God wants us to be happy and enjoy life. He only asks for one simple thing.  Chance challenged us to turn on a hymn every single day and read our scriptures until it’s over. Pretty simple challenge and now we extend that challenge to each of you. He testifies that if we will do this, we will be blessed. We will come to know our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ. Our faith will grow and our desire to choose the right will also grow.  We are so grateful for his willingness and obedience to serve. We feel gods love in our home and know chance is being taken care of. We pray that he will touch lives in a positive way and know that the people he meets will love him as much as we do. We are so grateful for this opportunity and feel blessed that we have a servant of the lord we get to call son.   I just want to end this weeks post with a few pictures from his Zone conference.