Life is crazy here right now and the days seem to be flying by. That’s great I guess seems how every Monday is like Christmas for us.  By Sunday night we are so ready for our email and even though we catch chance online once in a while and get to chat for a minute and get his emails we are still longing for more. More stories, more answered questions, more pictures. That one hour of computer time is never long enough. Oh well!  We are just so thankful we get that much. Before I add chances email for the week I have to add a picture that chance drew. He mailed this picture along with the sweetest most heartfelt poem to Trent. The poem is beyond amazing but also very tender and special to us so we feel like we would like to keep it that way, but I just had to share the picture. He is so talented and I hope he can use his special talents during his mission and throughout his life. Be still my soul!❤️

Here is his email for the week.

This last week was awesome! We had Elder Keetch come talk to us from the quorum of the seventy and the whole north half of the mission was there! I got to see all the missionaries from my MTC district which was fun. Elder Keetch had a lot of awesome stuff to talk about. He said the true balm of gilead is service. After we did that we went to Levelland for comp exchanges. The first day i was with elder vilela and the second i was with elder woodland. The second day was awesome! The first of the day we went and sang with a religious choir haha. Then we went tracting. We met two guys outside there house and started talking to them. They looked like pretty rough guys but as we got talking to them we found they were actually a big opposite of that. I started talking to one about religion and told him about the book of mormon and then gave him one and bore my testimony of it to him and he said he would definetly read it. Then we had a lesson with a guy named Moses. It was the best lesson ive had! Elder woodland let me teach the whole thing and it was so cool. I have never felt the spirit that strong before. I taught him about the Apostasy and then asked him if he thought God loved him enough to give us a way to know his truths again. then i taught him about joseph smith. After the lesson i read him the first and the last two paragraphs from the intro to the book of mormon. I asked him to do something. I asked him that after we left if he would go into a quiet room, Read the book of mormon, and pray with real intent to know if it waas true. I told him God wouldnt leave him in the dark and that if he really wanted to know if it was true then the Holy Ghost would tell him. After that elder woodlandt asked him if he would be baptized if he found it was true and he said yes! After we had a lesson with byron and it went super well. You could see it in his eyes that he was feeling somehting. Also that day we had a lady ask us if we had repented for reading the book of mormon because it wasnt a book of God. Saturday we had a lesson in Tulia with our investigator.  He is about 75 and his wife was a member but she died about two months ago and he is baptist. We taught him the Plan of Salvation but he got really hung up on the fact that god would send us here to choose him agian. I told him its like sending your kid to college. Its scary and you know they will mess up to some degree but that you have to send them so they can grow and mature and at some point you hope they come back to you. He said that made a lot more sense and he said he would read and pray to know if this was true. 

Now i want to extend a challenge. It comes from one of my favorite chapters in the book of mormon. We need to be spiritually born of God. this involves a change of heart. (Alma 5:14) Alma tells us what we need to do. (Alma 5:27-29) All of us have stuff we need to work on starting with me. Alma asks a great question, (Alma 5:26). If you have felt that joy that comes from a change of heart, do you feel it now? I try to ask myself that everyday if i feel that. and if i dont i work for it. (Alma 5:34-35, 41) Really to have a change of hear involves 3 things: 1. sacrament-through this we can be cleansed weekly. 2.Bring forth good works. 3. Listen to the word of God and follow it. IVe found its easy to want to to change, but lots harder to do it. I believe the reason is because to get our good intentions into our hearts they have to get through our stiff necks. (2 chr. 36:13) Usually a hardened heart follows a stiff neck. thats my challenge. Loosen your neck, soften your heart, lose your pride, and let the Gospel of jesus christ change your hearts! Love Yall! Have a great week!

Seems to be doing really well!  Man we love this kid and the spirit that his messages bring into our home. He only shared two pictures with us this week, but we did find a few more from his mission blog. 

This is one from their blog. Not sure what they were doing exactly. 

This is a picture of a spider that the plainview missionaries found in their apartment!😰. I guess everything really is bigger in Texas!This is a picture of his desk in their house. He loved his package and was excited to decorate with it!