Well this last week was kind of crazy!  Our investigator —-  is doing good. Idk if I told yall about her. She is in her 40s, She has dealt with strokes most her life, a few years ago her mom was murdered, Her husband left her with a bunch of kids, and one of her kids has started having seizures. Shes had a way tough life but she is still super sweet. Two of her kids are members but not active. Anyway she has been reading the book of mormon very consistently and really her only roadblock is to stop smoking. She doesn’t really have the desire to stop. So if yall could just keep her in your prayers it would help a lot. Thursday we met with Doyel. Elder Hullinger read him some scriptures on baptism as a saving ordinance and then Doyel brought up the fact that he didn’t believe in eternal marriage so i read him Matt. 16:19 and Hel. 10:7. Then elder Hullinger asked him to read the B.O.M and pray and he said he would but the last time he did it he didn’t get an answer so he thought God was telling him he was right. I asked him he had felt the spirit after he prayed like he had when he was going to the lds church a little bit ago and he said no so i told him to keep praying until he got that feeling. On Sunday one of the girls in the branch who turned 8 had a baptism. Me and Elder Mozingo were asked to be the witnesses. Then I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. I read her 2 Ne. 32:5 and then I said “Hey your wearing glasses. Was it hard to see things before you got your glasses?” she said  a little bit. I told her the Holy Ghost is like spiritual glasses. Before your baptized you can’t see right from wrong very clearly but when you get the holy ghost its lots easier to see right from wrong. I said sometimes we get our glasses dirty though and that’s why we have the sacrament. It cleans our spiritual glasses. Then I bore my testimony to her.

This week my challenge is building your foundation in the Gospel. Think of it like this. Lets say you plant a young tree. In a few days a storm comes in and knocks over the tree and gets the leaves all dirty. You go out after the storm and pick the tree up, wash off the leaves, and go inside. But what will happen next time there’s a storm?  The tree will fall over and dirty the leaves again. Really, in life we can clean our leaves all we want and be clean for a little while but why not just strengthen our foundation in the gospel so we never have to clean our “leaves” again. This is something that I have really had to work on. But I have noticed a huge change. Strengthening your foundation will make you constantly strive to keep the right. It helps being a missionary.  I mean I read the scriptures a couple hours a day and I pray a countless number of times a day and I only listen to church music and so I’ve noticed a huge change in my view of the gospel and my view on life. It gives you an eternal perspective on everything. But you don’t have to be a missionary to do this. Read your scriptures, pray always, and listen to uplifting music. I promise you will see an instant change in your life because to be honest we all have room to improve starting with and especially me. Hope all well for everyone! Love yall!!

We just love his letters!  We were on the mountain on Monday and it took all I had to not sit on that beautiful mountain cliff, surrounded by Gods beautiful creations, and wait for his email to come through.  img_2878

Sitting there with each other made me thank God for all my wonderful blessings.  I don’t know how we got so lucky to live in such a beautiful place with such beautiful people.  Mainly my own little family!  Once we tore ourselves away from our great view we went back to our cabin and lucky for us Grandpa Bruce has a booster for our cell phones so around 11:30 we all checked our emails and were so excited to sit there and read Chance’s letters.  This hunt has been weird without Chance.  Trent and Bow have really really missed their hunting partner!  It’s been a rough week for them but we know he is doing is own hunting.  Hunting for the lord’s lost sheep, and his hunt is a million times more important and more gratifying than ours.  So, we will wait, and go through one more hunting season before our favorite elder comes home and can hunt with us once again.img_2884

We also found out that they are doing a lot of volunteer service.  Mainly at the local hospital and the lunch program for kids that go hungry over the weekends.  They are looking into helping out at the animal shelter too.  He was so excited to hear about some of the new mission calls from home and is excited for his friends that will be serving missions soon.

We also received a little video this week!  I can’t seem to share it on here so I will attach it later but it was soooo nice to hear his voice and see that great smile!! 🙂