We started this week out a little more crazy than usual. We had a minor flood in our kitchen and basement that has made for a whirlwind week. Fans and heaters have taken up residency here and the noise would make anyone lose their minds!πŸ˜–. It’s going to be a long few weeks with lots of repairs and paperwork but the lord knows when we need a little sunshine and Monday afternoon I received a package from chance!  It made my day!!  He sent us some Texas cotton and a pecan from his tree in his front yard! 

He also sent me this shirt that just made me smile!

So this weeks letter was a little bit shorter than his others but still awesome!

Hey yall! Hope you had a good week! This last week was pretty crazy!

One of our investigators said he was still struggling with the idea of god sending us here to choose him again. I read him 2. Cor. 5:7 and told him it would be a lot easier if we could see him but because we cant it shows where our hearts truly lie. Then elder Hullinger extended the baptismal invitation but he said “so your telling me I wont go to heaven if im not a mormon?” and I said ” we dont want this to be a join my club thing. We love you and we arent trying to get you to become a mormon, we are trying to get you to the celestial kingdom.” I read him Alma 5:45-46 and told him that I know this is so true to the extent that im out here giving two years of my life so others can have the joy I have. You could tell the spirit was very strong. Tuesday I worked with Elder Mozingo and we met a guy who told us if we arent agnostic we are dillusional. He was very vulgar and profane and told us we need to put god second and ourselves first. I started getting irritated so we left.

On wednesday “Name withheld” asked for biblical evidence of a pre mortal existence. I read him Rev. 12:3-4,7-11. Then he said he didnt belive baptism was a saving ordinance because he told the robber on the cross that he would be with him in paradise and he wasnt baptized. We explained the spirit world but he said heaven could be the only paradise so Elder Hullinger read him John 20:17 and told him paradise in luke 23:43 couldnt be heaven because christ hadnt even visited God yet. Then he said he believed we are saved through grace so I read him Romans 6:15-16 and told him if we are saved through obedience and obedience is an action then we arent saved by grace alone. He is definelty progessing. Thursday we helped the maintence guy at the hospital, Vince, dig a hole in his yard to fix his sewer line. Its crazy how when you develop the pure love of christ. you help people because you want to and you dont care if you dont get paid. 

Sunday we met with “name withheld”  again. He had recieved an answer. He said he had a dream of a guy who was given a house free of charge but everyday he would just go outside and look at it. The guy who gave him the house asked why he wasnt moving in. He said we need to move into things. We totally thought he was going to want to be baptized but instead he said he was going to move into christianity and accept christ and he felt that was enough. I really hope we can continue to move him in the right direction. 
Well Love yall! I keep you in my prayers:)
Elder Brown

Here are a few pictures of the package we made him for his birthday. We had a few different ideas on what to do but none of us could really agree on anything. Finally, Trent said we should all just do something small that we know chance would really enjoy. Gifts from the ❀️!  So we all brainstormed and came up with a few ideas but unfortunately some of them just wouldn’t work with the time we had. We left ourselves short on time trying to decide what to do, but we did come up with a few fun ideas. It was kind of hard seems how he just barely went out and really doesn’t need much yet. I was worried he didn’t have a blanket for his bed. Haha!  Such a mom thing. So Tay and I decided we would pour our love into a quilt. It was so much fun to make and so nice to teach Tay how to use a sewing machine and tie a quilt. I also want to give a big thank you to Kris Williams, Rita dean and Evelyn Mcculley for helping it all come together on such short notice.  It’s amazing how blessed we are with such great friends. πŸ˜‡πŸ’•. Chance also asked for a few things that we sent and Ainsley wanted to make him a frame with their picture together in it. I also tried to get a cake sent to him on Sunday but I found out there isn’t a local bakery in Tulia. Thanks to Emily she hooked me up with a lady that makes cookies and I coordinated with her to have a cute birthday box filled with cookies delivered to him on Sunday. I also sent him some birthday cake Oreos!  I am so glad Emily and Shana were able to help me out!m