Hey yall! This last week was crazy again! Wednesday we met with “name withheld” again and he just kept bringing up that we are saved by grace alone and we dont need to be baptized. I read him Mark 10:37-38 and told him James and John wanted to sit with Jesus in his glory and Christ is only in his full glory in Heaven. In verse 38 it says they cant do that unless they are baptized. He said he thought it was talking about death and resurrection. He brought up that Christ asked peter to tend for his fold and did not ask him to be baptized. I said yes but in Matt. 28:19 he tells his apostles they need to go teach and baptize. I asked why christ would ask that if baptism wasnt essential. He said it was something to think about but he is not progressing so we are going to drop him. Its really sad because he is super nice. 

Friday we helped at the concessions and one of the ladies there was asking about what we do on the mission and after she told us she would have us over for dinner so thats cool! Saturday we helped a family move for most the day. Usually I hate moving but there is something about being around 3 other missionaries and doing something for someone else because you want to. It was a cool day. 
Hope yall are doing good, love ya!

Not sure what this picture is but it was sent with the email 🙂

So on Sunday we got a great surprise!  We received a video of the Rollins’s celebrating chances birthday party!!🎉. Watching it immediately got my emotions going. This moms heart was so happy and relieved knowing he was being well taken care of. It was an answer to my prayers for sure. It’s amazing how God answers even the smallest prayers and these families that are watching out for my boy definitely are an answer to a mothers prayer. 
Today we got some sad news. 

This news was kind of a shock. An emergency transfer! :(. They just had transfers and we weren’t expecting any moving for several weeks and I was really hoping he could stay in Tulia for Christmas. The Roberts’ and Rollins’s and so many others have treated chance like their own son and I knew they would take such great care of him over the holidays but sometimes the Lord has other plans for us. So, we will wait to get chances letter and find out exactly what happened and where he is headed. I know he is in the Lord’s hands and he will go wherever he is needed but we will miss hearing from these wonderful families. Good thing for Facebook so we can always keep in touch with these great families and one day we hope to meet them face to face!  

Thank you Tulia for treating our son so well. I know he will miss so many of you and you will forever be in his heart and ours. ❤️.