Kermit the 🐸!!  After four days of waiting to see where chance was transferred we finally got his letter in the mail 

This child!!  Good thing I love him! But seriously, that’s all we get!!!!!  Trent and I both went right to the internet to try to decode his message. I didn’t come up with a thing, but within an hour Trent guessed Kermit. Right as his text came through so did chances. 

Well this last week was super crazy and weird. I got a call asking if i would be willing to go serve in Kermit, TX. In my heart i wanted to say no because i have grown to love the people in plainview and tulia but if the lord wants me to go there i know there is a reason so i said yes. We werent able to do a lot of teaching because of this but we did get our investigator Lisa to come to church on sunday so that was really awesome. 

So here is my spiritual thought. If you read in 1 Nephi chapter 11 i think Nephi asks God to give him the same vision Lehi had. Nephi has the vision of the tree of life then asks for the interpretation. He is shown Mary. So think of the vision of the tree of life like this. Mary is the tree. Jesus, or the gospel of jesus christ, is the fruit. The iron rod is the word of god. If we follow the word of God and hold tight to his teachings and principles we will get to a point where we have experienced the fruit, or the full joy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In Lehis account he says he wanted his entire family to partake of this fruit.Thats what the gospel of Jesus Christ does. It makes you want to share it with others so they can also have that joy. I have truly felt that on my mission and the feeling you get when you tell someone about the gospel is something i have never found before. The burning in your chest and desire to express your love for this work will make you happier than ever before. So here is my challenge. Get on the straight and narrow, and it is only getting narrower, cling to the word of God, and experience the joy from the True, Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Love yall! 

I found out tonight that it’s a new area.  It’s only been open for about 3 months and there is only 1 member family there. Here is a little piece of his email to me. 

Hey mom! So im getting transferred to Kermit Texas! It is about 20 miles south of the New Mexico border so ill have a warm winter haha! Im also living in a camping trailer so thatll be fun im sure! I spent the night in Lubbock and will be spending the whole day here and tonight also so i wont get to Kermit till tomorrow night. Haha im glad you enjoyed the matching socks. Our ward mission leader got some too and i got a picture with him and you can see our socks its pretty funny haha. I cant wait for you guys to meet them either! My new companion is Elder Grover. Yep im going to Kermit with Grover haha. Ive heard he is an awesome guy. Haha saying goodbye to elder Mozingo last night was hard and there were a few tears shed but i know we will keep in touch. Thanks for everything mom! Love you!

Here is a picture of the trailer they will be living in. Elder Grovers mom sent it to me

😬 this will be a big change from the nice house he has been in! Haha!!  It will be interesting to hear how his first week goes in Kermit. Here are a few pictures that were sent to us this week

This cute family had a fight with the elders. Looks like Chance lost!

Chance and the Rollins’s Sunday before he was transferred. 

Chance and Elder Mozingo saying their goodbyes. Not sure who is going to miss who more!

Chance and the Roberts’ kids

Chance and the Roberts

Chance climbing the Roberts’ Antenna!!  He wrote his name and the date on the highest point he touched. I’m pretty sure he will be back one day to climb it again. 

It’s been a great week and Tons of unexpected pictures. We are going to miss these families and miss their communication. They have calmed our hearts and we have loved getting to know them and can’t wait to meet them in person one day. I can’t thank them enough for the service they have given to chance and us. Now on to new adventures. It is going to be different but I’m sure the Lord has some great things in store for chance. We are so excited to get to know Elder Grover and his family and hope that chance will touch the lives of whoever he meets.