Hey yall! This last week was amazing! My first day we did service at the library and then went tracting. We met a guy on the street named Ross and shared a brief restoration lesson with him and set up a return appointment. Then we were walking down the street and a guy opened his door and yelled at us. We turned around and he told us to come in and he would give us some water. We did and when we got inside he told us to teach him so we shared the restoration and gave him a book of Mormon. His name is Demetria. Then we had a lesson with a lady named Mariah on the book of Mormon. It went really well and after we gave her ten year old grandson a copy of the Book of Mormon.
Thursday we did service at the court house cleaning and then we helped a guy dig out his sewer line. we had the pipe cut and then we went around the house to grab something and when we came back someone and flushed the toilet and there was a puddle of water with some stuff floating in it haha it was so funny. the guy got really mad and started swearing and me and elder grover were laughing so hard.
Friday we went to a less actives house to see if we could do service for them. He told us to come back at 4 and help him with his new car port. We went back at 4 and the stuff didn’t come so he told us to come in. We started talking about church and his wife said she felt like everybody only talked about the book of Mormon. I told her a lot of people do that because if the book of Mormon is not true then neither is our church so that’s what we build our testimony around. then we talked about them coming back to church soon and it sounded like they really wanted too. Then there 21 year old son came in and he said he would really like to learn more. After he left his mom started crying and told us he has had a really hard last couple years and that was the first interest he had had in the gospel in a really long time. It was very spiritual and humbling.
Saturday we found a guy named Benjamin working on a bike. You could tell he was very poor and not doing to well. He said his life had been hell since his son died. We shared the plan of salvation and gave him a book of Mormon and he said he would read it and he really hopes it will help him. He fixes old broken bikes and gives them to kids around town who don’t have one and that was a very humbling thing for me. He had almost nothing and he could have sold those bikes to get money but instead he wanted to help someone else. Then we met a guy on the street named carlos. He said he believed God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost are the same person so I told him when John baptized Jesus a voice came from heaven and the spirit descended from heaven. So there were three different personages in that account. I told him we believe in three different beings united in one purpose. He said it made a lot of sense. Then he said he believed God doesn’t care what church we go to so I read him Eph. 4:11-13 and told him we need to be unified in one faith. Then we taught the restoration and gave him a book of Mormon. He said he was really glad we decided to come talk to him. He lives in Odessa though so we told the Odessa missionaries to contact him.
My spiritual challenge this week is short. It is about obedience and virtue. Virtue is an action based on high moral standards. Obedience is aligning your will with Gods based off of the standards and principles he has given us. So If we strive to be virtueous by following those standards we will naturally become obedient wich in turn will take us back to our Heavenly Father. So strive for virtue and the rest will fall into place.  

Im really going to miss thanksgiving this year with the family. The trailer is hilarious. From bed I can touch the toilet, stove, fridge, and my companion. Haha but yeah I hope you guys have an amazing week.

Love yall!

It seems like the weeks are just flying by!  He’s been out for 93 days!  Trent feels like it’s been 93 years!  We got him a little thanksgiving package sent off and hope he gets it because the post office didn’t have the address I gave them in their system. 

This talk is amazing. It was a byu talk. Everyone should read it! 🙂

Texas is definitely a service mission and these missionaries are planting seeds everywhere!

He said he is eating at the branch president’s house tonight and tomorrow they are eating at the Day’s house. I am so grateful for wonderful people that take these missionaries in and feed them. It makes a mom feel good!

These are all pictures that were taken at their last Zone conference.  

Happy thanksgiving everyone!!  I have a feeling Chance is having a really good day and I can’t wait to hear all about it!