Hey yall!This last week was kind of a slow week. We met on Monday with a man named “F”. He said he really just wants to start over and get a clean start on life so we shared the atonement with him and read some scriptures, bore testimony, and challenged him to pray about baptism. The spirit was so strong during that lesson. He sat in silence for the longest time after the lesson and you could tell it had really touched him.
On Thursday we met a man named “J”.  He told us to come back again and so we went back sunday and we were able to help him put his Christmas lights up and share about the church.  He gave us his phone number and told us to come back. We really hope we can help him.
On Friday we got a referral from online so we went to give him the bibles he requested but while we were there we shared the restoration and after,he asked for a book of Mormon and told us to come back so that was cool.
Saturday we went to meet with our investigator “G”, but when we got there her sister came out and said she had gotten into some trouble and left.  we shared the video “like a broken vessel” with her and then played the song Be Still My Soul. She started crying and told us she really wanted us to come back so she could talk with us about some stuff. 

My spiritual thought this week is in Alma 26. After reading that I realized that We are nothing without God. All the things that are happening in Kermit with our investigators are because of the blessings of God. Sometimes we get out of a lesson and we start talking about what we did right and how well that went and then we kind of get quiet and after a minute we start saying how all of that was because of God. My favorite is when he says God is my strength. I have never felt closer to God than on my mission and it makes me so happy feeling that strength from God. So I would like to challenge yall to pray for any strength you need from God and I can promise he will give it to you.

We also received a few letters in the mail. One for each of use. It was such a fun, unexpected gesture and it was so nice to hear from him during the week.  We still haven’t received any pictures but he should have his cord for next weeks email so, hopefully he can catch us up on everything. We sure are missing all his fun pictures. 
We have been lucky enough to get in touch with his companions family and kind of plan Christmas for them together. Elder grovers mother had a great idea to send them a Christmas tree that they could set outside (Remember, they are living in a tiny trailer with hardly enough room to turn around in. Thetr isn’t much space to add a Christmas tree and really no where to hang anything on the walls). I was trying to help her come up with an idea and found the cutest tree on Etsy.  This is what they came up with!  Pretty talented family! And we loved their ornaments!!

Isn’t it so dang cute!  Now they have a tree for their little porch!  They sent it off right away and all we had to do was make our own ornaments and send them their way. I also bought a set of Christmas lights that are battery operated and on a timer so they don’t even have to mess with lights!  

Here are our ornaments we made for him. 

We were quite proud of our masterpieces!😉. Haha!!  Trent and I are so not blessed with the artistic gene, but I’m beginning to think that it maybe just skipped us and landed on our kids.  

Anyway, he should be getting the ornaments today and I’m sure they were both so excited to see their families love poured into that Christmas tree and all those little ornaments. Thanks Grovers for such a great idea and for letting us join in on the fun!