Well, this week was pretty eventful. Wednesday we stopped by our investigators “A’s”. She wasn’t home but her daughter and her friend were home so we taught them the restoration. The friend was soaking it in like a sponge and was asking a lot of great questions. We extended the baptismal invitation and he said he would pray about it. He did tell us though that when we gave the firstvision account   he got goose bumps and he said it was really cool.  Thursday we tried “A” again and this time she was home. She told us that the night before we first met her she had had a dream. the next day she looked up the dream and it said that it meant there would be a change in her life. She prayed to know the meaning and after she prayed we knocked on the door. It was pretty crazy! I asked her if she had seen her life change since that day and she said it had changed so much! her kids were happier, her husband was coming back to God, and she seemed a lot happier too.  

Saturday the wind was blowing like crazy! there is nothing to block the wind in texas so it really gets going! our neighbor has like 15 roosters and the wind blew over all there cages so they all got out. When we were leaving the trailer we looked over and all his roosters were fighting like crazy so we jumped the fence and put them all back and fixed there cages but the roosters were all so beat up. Also we found out that because Kermit is such a high Spanish percentage and there is not enough Spanish missionaries that me and elder grover are having Spanish study every day so that was a big surprise. 

Sunday we woke up and our pipes were frozen so we had to get ready at the church haha.  

So it was a pretty crazy week! My challenge for this week is this…In the book of Job we read how Job was an amazing man. He was very righteous and the lord was blessing him for it. Then satan told God that if he took away all Job had and made Job sick that Job wouldn’t be righteous anymore. So God allowed satan to afflict Job. Despite all this Job held fast to God. Even his friends told him that he must be wicked because he was being cursed. After all the struggle God finally made Job better and gave him even more than he had before. This Christmas season there will be a lot of people going through trials and its not always there fault. So my challenge to you is to be the friend tht helps them through those trials. Don’t be like Jobs friends. Be the friend that makes the Season better for them.

Love y’all!

We got lots of pictures this week. Yay!!

This one is from the branch Christmas party!  It made me so happy to see him wearing his tie from the 12 days of Christmas!  He loves the minions so I knew he would be super excited about this tie!!

Love to see him still enjoying life!

Of course he had to take a picture with a minion!

 This picture really surprised us!  This picture he is holding is in our home so when I first saw him holding it I had to laugh. I have it on our Facebook page and he somehow made a copy of it!  Not sure if he convinced someone to print it off for him or if someone was doing something nice for him but I love this picture!!

This kid has always been a fire bug!🔥🔥and only a mother would be worried that his clothes are going to smell like smoke!

We are so excited to talk to him Sunday. We have one hour and I know it’s going to fly!