So the last two weeks have been super busy and have flown by so fast.  This Christmas has by far been one of the best ones I’ve ever had.  I’m sure that had pretty much everything to do with chance being on a mission and the special spirit that is brought into our home because of his obedience and willingness to serve. We missed him so much but felt closer to the lord than in years past. Talking to him on the phone was the best and we were so lucky to get to talk to him for almost 4 hours!  We could have talked to him all night but didn’t want to over due it and take advantage of president Heap’s generosity. He allowed the missionaries to talk as long as they wanted which was the best Christmas present we could have received. It was so nice to get so many questions answered and hear more about his area and mission in general and chance couldn’t say enough about president Heap. He loves and adores him and has so much respect for him as a president and a person. Chance loved his Christmas gifts and appreciated everyone who thought of him during the holidays and sent him cards, letters and gifts. He loved his coat from grandma LaRayne and loved his new socks!  He even had to show us all his cool pockets on his coat and how he puts them to use!  It was so great to hear him laughing and joking and being his normal self. At the end he shared with us a spiritual story from the Book of Mormon about how even when Christ and the heavens were busy getting ready to send him to earth, just hours before his birth, he was answering prayers. It was such a spiritual moment and he helped us remember that God and Jesus are never to busy to hear and answer prayers. They will always be there for us. Chance was able to Skype with his grandparents too and his aunt Tiffany, uncle Wiley and their kids. He was so happy to talk to everyone and appreciates them thinking of him enough to swing by to say hi. At the very end he offered a prayer and it was so amazing. The spirit was immediately felt over our home. It was so strong and then the tears started flowing. We had all done so well up to this point, but hearing chance offer a prayer and seeing the growth and change in him and feeling the spirit so strongly was more than we could take. After the prayer we couldn’t hang up!  It was so hard to say goodbye and we finally made chance push the end button because none of us could make ourselves do it. What a kid!  We love him so much and are so proud of him. Here are the next two letters that followed. They were kind of short because we had just talked to him and then they had New Years so the holidays have kind of messed up his emailing schedule. 

Week 18~

This last week was quite the week! Tuesday was a blast! We had the jingle jam and it was so much fun! There is so much talent in this mission. One elder did a missionary rendition of Sweet Home Alabama! It was so good.  

Wednesday we had a lesson with “A’s” family. At one point her daughter started tearing up and I asked if she had felt Gods love yet and she said yes then started bawling right there. It was very spiritual.

Friday we had to do a car exchange wich took up most of our day because we had to drive to Odessa then to Big spring then back to Kermit. It was really cool to see different parts of texas though! We went on top of the hill in big spring and you could see the curve of the earth. It was crazy! Then we had a lesson with “m” and she told us she really wants to move forward in the gospel. 
Christmas eve was very slow because everyone was inside or gone so we didn’t get to teach a single lesson.
Christmas was amazing getting to Skype home!! It was so good.
Monday we didn’t get to email so we went to the sandhills in monahans and it was way cool. I asked elder Grover if the sand was to hot to go bare foot and then we started laughing because we never thought we would be asking that the day after Christmas haha!
Yesterday I had exchanges with elder west. It was so crazy how many people we taught. We stopped by “A’s” and she was gone but her husband was home. We started talking to him and he told us his grandma had died that morning. We shared a little out of the plan of salvation pamphlet and he said it made him feel a lot better. After we said a prayer with him and he seemed a lot more willing to listen to the missionaries so hopefully he continues wanting to learn.
My spiritual thought this week is very simple. Everyone wants the Christmas spirit to stay all year. Really it could be if we made it that way. I want to challenge each of you to keep the Christmas spirit every day this next year. I promise as you do itll be the best year of your life. I love yall!

Week 19~

Hey yall! Hope you had a happy new years!  This week had a lot of ups and downs.

Thursday we had a very eventful day! The county judge took us to lunch, We had a guy tell us to get off his lawn and we had a guy on a lawnmower chase us down the street flipping us off haha! It calmed down though when we had a lesson with “a” and her family. We brought up baptism and they said they would pray about it!
Friday we had another lesson with “a” and her family. She said she wants to be baptized but it is going to take a while. 
Saturday was a pretty fun day! we knocked 45 doors and taught a lesson to a guy named “c”. It went pretty well he just struggles with the whole idea of Joseph Smith. Then we went to pecos and had a little New Years Eve party with the Pecos Elders and the Van Horn Elders. Also, something funny that happened was a guy told us Gods name is “Hallowed” because in the Lords Prayer Jesus says “our father in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name”. haha it was pretty funny.
Sunday we had church and then had a lesson with some new Investigators. It went really well and then we met a guy named “a”. He invited us over for dinner then we went over for dinner he wasn’t even there.
Monday was just a regular P day.
Tuesday we had a lesson with “a” and her family again and it went pretty good. “A” is the only one who wants to be baptized but she is willing to move on without them she told us. We also met up with “j” who was supposed to be baptized this Saturday. He told us he was sorry he had messed up the date and he had been so busy but he set up another lesson with us so that was good. Also we had a car drive past us and yell “Hail Satan!” …….It has been a very eventful week needless to say.
Well I hope yall have a great week! Love you all!

Elder Grover skyping in the other room. We were able to talk to him for a few minutes!  He is such a neat kid and we are so happy chance was called to serve with him!  Hopefully they get to stay together for a while longer!

This is chance demonstrating to us how handy his pocket is for his magnetic name tag. He will never lose the green back because if it happens to come undone it will be right inside his pocket! ;). Oh the simple things in a missionaries life!

This is a book that they carry with them that each of them can design on their own. Chance is showing us his special pages that he made for it. 

One of his pages has him and elder Mozingo all dressed up in some other elders clothing!   

Of course he couldn’t not have a picture of him and elder bird!  Love the bond those two formed in high school!  I know it will last a lifetime and I’m so glad they were both able to serve at the same time. 


Here are a few pictures of chance at the sand dunes. He mentioned in our Skype call that he hasn’t had a lot of time to go touring or do anything fun so I am so glad they were able to go do this!

I’m Thinking this was maybe on their way to their New Years dinner. Not sure what the bathtub crayons are for!  Looks like a Super crazy New Years party!!!!😂 

No explanation for this one either. I love how elder Grover is seen in the mirror smiling!  Chance always has been the goof ball that makes everyone laugh!