So, again we were hit with another Monday holiday. No letter!!! :(. We did receive a text though from a member informing us that chance was being transferred to Comanche. It’s on the very eastern boarder of his mission.  It sits just west of Dallas and San Antonio. We also received some exciting news that he was being made a district leader. This will be a great experience for him and such a learning experience. He will have a lot of responsibility which will be great!  He will learn a lot and meet a lot of new missionaries that he otherwise might not meet. Here is his letter from last week. 

Hey Yall! this last week was about as interesting as the one before!  So Wednesday we met this lady named “b”.  We taught her the Restoration and it went super well! She said she would read and she invited us back over for Friday. We also had a lesson with “A” and Her husband. It went really well. It was on eternal Families. they fed us dinner too and in the middle of dinner “k” yells 7:24 Rock n Roll! then just keeps eating like nothing happened. It was pretty funny!

Thursday we did a lot of service and then we had a lesson with “A” and her family again.  It went really well. “A” and “r” were having a very rough time so we explained how healing and comfort come from the savior.
Friday We taught a man named Jose the plan of salvation. He didn’t seem super interested but he invited us back so that went well. Then we taught A less active about the prophet and watched the Restoration video with her.
Saturday was the most eventful day! We were looking at this thing on the ground trying to decide if it was an owl pellet. While we are looking at it an owl flies out of the tree above us, turns around, flies over us and almost poops on us. So yeah we got dive bombed by an owl! Then we talked to this classy man. He called us a cult, called the Book of Mormon false, then said “I’ll be praying no one listens to you. I’m not going to tell you to have a blessed day, I just pray no one gets deceived by your false teachings. I loved…well I wouldn’t say loved…talking to you but I have a sermon to prepare.” So elder grover told him “Good luck sir” and he said “Luck has nothing to do with it” Haha he was pretty grouchy. Then we were going to knock this one door and a dog comes flying around the corner at us. Elder Grover was gone in the other direction and I was left there wielding a pack of pamphlets like a sword. Its ok I scared it off. Haha but Elder Grover was not having any of that! Then we taught “A” and her family again. 

Sunday we had church and then had lunch with “A” and her family. Then we gave sister Martinez a blessing and she introduced us to her daughter Emma. Emma only has a brain stem. They only gave her 12 years to live and she is now 57, can speak English and Spanish, and has the entire hymn book memorized. She asked us to sing her a hymn so we did and it was a really cool experience. She is stuck in bed for the rest of her life and she cant really move any body parts but she was so happy! It was really touching.
So my spiritual thought this week has to do with our own conversion. This is something I found in my personal study. We can look at our conversion like the Anti Nephi Lehis. In verse 8 they say how there hearts were softened. We need to soften our hearts to be converted. In verse 12 they decide to not stain there swords with blood anymore. We need to get rid of what stains us with sin. In verse 15 they pray to hide there sins. This is like repentance. In verse 18 they do it as a testimony to God and Men. Let your conversion do the same. Verse 19 they say they would rather die than commit sin. Would we do the same? Verse 21 they are persecuted. And we might be too as Mormons. Verse 24 the persecuters hearts were swollen in compassion. Our persecuters will start to realize what is different about us and will have there hearts softened. Verse 26 more people joined the Church than those that were killed. Once people start to see what is different about us they will follow in our footsteps.
Love yall! be safe!

We missed out on our usual Monday, but he was able to email us really quick today to let us know that he had made it safe and gave us just a little info on his new responsibilities. We cannot wait until next Monday so we can get a real email from him. We do not like Monday holidays anymore!!  They ruin our whole week and upset the whole order of things! 😉

Hey mom! man I thought I would stay another transfer too. this is my 3rd area in 5 months haha. but im excited! Comanche is actually smaller than Kermit and Tulia population wise. 3rd area and still haven’t served in a town over 6,000 people haha. And I did not expect the district leader call at all haha. I couldn’t even sleep the night after the call because I was so nervous. Partly because im going to a new district and partly because I have no idea what im doing. As District Leader you set up District meeting once a week which is usually 2 hours long and you instruct and set up different things for them to do for practice. You also receive phone calls once a week from members of your district when they report numbers and things like that and then you call the Zone leader and report to him the numbers of your whole district. You set up exchanges with Elders in your district and with the Zone Leaders. You also receive phone calls any time a member of your district has a problem or has a question whether its a question relating to the gospel or a question regarding if they are allowed to do something. And president heap doesn’t give us a sheet telling us what the missionaries are allowed to do he wants us to make that decision for ourselves so its a little stressful haha but it will be a good growing experience.  on Monday we hiked mount Guadalupe which is the tallest point in texas.

He also mentioned in Trent’s letter that in one day he drove an hour to Odessa to get a missionary, three hours to Lubbock to grab another set of new missionaries and then three more hours to Abaline to pick up his new companion, elder cichoske (he says he is a great missionary and very helpful. He has been out about 2 more transfers than chance) and drove another hour and a half to Comanche!! 😬🚕. It’s a good thing he likes to drive!  And I hope he saw some neat scenery along the way. 

I also received a little letter in the mail from chance with a picture. I love that he is still drawing a little bit. He will be pretty busy now so I know he won’t have as much time to sit and doodle but I’m so glad he is working on his talents. We also got a little Letter from elder Grover which was a fun surprise. He is a great kid and chance was so sad to have to leave him and Kermit, but like elder Grover mentioned in his letter, they have formed a lasting bond, and I know they will meet up again one day. Probably before they both leave their mission!  

We also received this little picture from a member right before chance got transferred. 

And just tonight we were contacted by a member in Comanche through Facebook letting us know that she will take great care of him and keep us posted on all that he is doing!  Her and another member feed them almost every night!  Yay!!!!  We were thrilled to hear from her!  We have missed our wonderful ladies in Tulia that kept us informed, so we are so excited that we have a new friend and angel that will take care of our son and send us info!  So grateful for these angels on earth. They truly are and I know without a doubt they will receive blessings now and in heaven for taking care of the lords missionaries!  We thank God every day for these women and families that make this journey a little bit easier for all of us. 

So, looking back we actually have had a very eventful week. The holiday might ruin our Mondays, but we have still been very blessed with lots of info, pictures and a new friend that we are so excited to get to know. It is going to be so fun to go back with chance to Texas and meet all these wonderful families!