So, now that chance is up and at it and has the hang of things and most of the homesickness has cleared up, our letters are becoming smaller and smaller. That’s a good thing, knowing that he is out doing what he should be doing and he isn’t as homesick as he use to be. It’s a bad thing because we seldom get all the info we would like to get in his emails.  But, we know he is busy and should dedicate these two years to the lord so, I guess we will be grateful for what we do get. Because of this though, I’ll probably just start posting monthly. Maybe if something awesome comes up I will post in between.  Here is his letter from last week. 

hey yall sorry I missed ya last week!  Last week was crazy. just a brief summary…

So we taught a lesson to “B” on the plan of salvation and it went really well. She told us that a couple days before we came by she had been praying for guidance and then a  few days later we knocked on her door!

Saturday the 14th was nuts! We got transfer calls and I got called to Comanche, TX! I didn’t see it coming at all. Sunday we had church and “A” and her family came! Monday we hiked mount Guadalupe as a district. Its the highest point in texas. Tuesday was about 8 hours of driving to my new area.
Wednesday was my first full day in Comanche. We did service tearing down a picket fence. and then participated in Mutual.
Thursday we drove to brady and dropped of an elders bike. We stopped by to talk to a  member that owns the local coffee shop but she wasn’t there so we started talking to one of her employees and ended up teaching the Restoration and left her with a book of Mormon. We set up a return appointment so hopefully she reads it.  Then we had dinner at the “w’s”. She is a member and they have a son that is married and they want to start taking the lessons!  It was pretty cool!
Friday we were tracting and knocked into this one lady named “C” We taught her the restoration and she really liked and understood it. She invited us back so we are excited for that. Then we stopped by a potential named “S” She didn’t have time for a lesson so we left her with a book of Mormon and she said she would read it.  After, we did service at the animal shelter. 90% of the dogs down here are pit bulls so almost all the dogs in there are either abandoned or abused pit bulls but we get to play with them when they get depressed so that is super fun!
Saturday everything kind of fell through and sunday Elder Cichoski was sick so we were inside most the day.
Love yall! have a good week!!

This is a picture of chance at the animal shelter. 

This picture is so sad!!  Poor little guy didn’t make it across the road. It’s probably a pretty normal site to them. About like deer on the side of the road to us but………. he’s so cute!!

Sounds like his first week in Comanche was pretty full and active. Hopefully he can stay busy there and do all he needs to do as a D.L.