The months have been flying by and this month was no different. We can’t believe chance hit his 6 month mark!!  Here are a few letters from the past month. 


Hey y’all

This last week was a little slower but hopefully this next week things get rolling again!

Tuesday we helped an older lady tear down her old shed so that was fun! It was a little wobbly so I pushed it just to see what would happen and it came down with elder Cichoski inside it. Luckily he was standing in just the right place that the doorway just fell right around him haha. Then we taught “C”. 
Wednesday we went to the library and read Green eggs and Ham to some kids. After that we did service at the museum and then we drove to san angelo for Zone Conference and we stayed the night with the Zone Leaders and the Assistants.
Thursday we had Zone Conference all day.
Friday a big chunk was taken out from weekly planning and then we had a small lesson with a kid named “g”  After that we did service at the Dog Shelter and then we had a member present lesson with “k”. 
Saturday we did service for the Webbs daughter and son in law by helping them build garden boxes. then we went to Brownwood and I conducted a baptismal interview and that was a neat experience.
Sunday we had church and then we had a lesson with an investigator named “F” but we didn’t really get to teach much.
So my spiritual thought this week has two parts. When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit they made fig leaf aprons and then hid from God. Now, obviously you cant play hide and seek with God. But still God asks where they are. I think this is God giving them the chance to confess. Then they tell God that “satan told us we were naked”. Satan tries to tell all of us we are naked and that we shouldn’t take our problems to God. Then God told them they needed Coats of skins. I imagine there conversation went a little like this. “How do we make Coats of skins?” …”You need to kill an animal, so pick which one you want.”… “Eve: I like rabbits, lets use those”…”Those will be to small”…”Adam: Then lets use an elephant”…”That’s to big”…So they picked the animal, I think it was a lamb. “Adam: alright God, how do we do this?”…”you need to kill it”…”Eve: but why? it didn’t do anything. This is our fault. Not the Lambs!”…”yes but somebody needs to make the sacrifice to cover your sins, so itll have to be this Lamb” So they killed the Lamb and covered there sins with the blood and flesh of the Lamb. Now fast forward 4,000 years. Pilate is offering the jews the choice to free Jesus or Barrabas. Barrabas has been found guilty of Robbery and murder, and Christ is innocent. Barrabas is set free and Christ is killed. Every sunday we enter the chapel as Barrabas. Christ climbs up on the sacrament table and sets us free. Because he loves us that much.
Hope yall have a good week! Love yall!

I loved his spiritual thought for the week. It really makes you think about the real meeting with God and Adam and Eve. It’s one of my favorites of his so far. 


Hey yall! This last week was a good week.

Monday we taught “k” the plan of salvation and they really liked it. “K” said he received a lot of comfort from it and that it was exactly what he needed.
Tuesday we had to do a lot of work on our apartment. It wasn’t the funnest day but the apartment definelty needed it.
Wednesday was a blast haha. We went and did service at an emu farm! emu farm. We cleaned out there barn and then we took a push mower and mowed all of there emu pastures. After they gave us a pound of emu hamburger and an emu steak. They said it tastes just like beef. We will see.
Thursday we were contacting Less Actives in our outlying areas but nobody was home. We put a couple hundred miles on our car and we only got to talk to a couple people but then I met with the manager of EF Angus and we are going out to his ranch this week so that’s exciting.
Friday we had Zone training. It was good and I instructed on the doctrine of Christ. We came back to Comanche and did service at the museum and then went back to Brownwood for one of brownwoods baptisms. when we got there they announced that me and Elder Cichoski would be talking about the priesthood and we had no idea about it so that was fun. Also on Friday we ate frog legs. they tasted like chicken haha.
Saturday we did service for “j” again. We helped him do a lot of yard work. Then we did service for a less active member by carrying a cast iron stove and fridge down a huge fire escape. they were super heavy to say the least haha. Then we got back to our apartment for the night and guess what we found…a rat. this thing was so big! it would have eaten a lot of cats I know. So we were up till midnight trying to get it out. The scary thing is we still don’t know if its out.
Sunday we contacted Less actives in Comanche but nobody was home.
This is what a 19 year old boy looks like when there is a rat the size of a small child in his apartment.


This last week was a pretty good week.

Monday we went fishing for catfish! it was pretty fun. Then we taught “s” and she was really struggling with joseph smith so we really emphasized the book of Mormon and she said she was going to read 100 pages a week so hopefully she does it. Then we had a lesson with “k” and it went really well. They told us they just feel better when we have the lessons.
Tuesday I conducted my first meeting since being made district leader and so I was a little nervous but it went ok I feel. After we did service for a non member named “j”.  We tilled her garden and weed eated the weeds around her property and broke down pallets.
Wednesday we went out to Evans Farms and that was good! then we tried meeting with some people but everyone cancelled on us.
Thursday we did service for “j” again and we cut down some trees and broke down pallets again. After that we did service for the chamber of commerce.
Friday we had exchanges with the Zone Leaders in San Angelo. I went with elder Pulsipher and that was a lot of fun. We did a lot of finding and taught a few lessons. Then we had leadership training which was really good.
Saturday we drove back to Comanche and then did service for an older couple by framing a new shed for them. It was pretty fun and then we prepared our sunday school lesson.
Sunday we had church and “k” showed up! it was so good to see him there but we were hoping His wife would have showed up too. After we went and contacted some less actives. We met with a kid named “b”. He is 13 and him and his mom are members. We were asking him if we could talk to his mom about church and he said she hadn’t been home for a couple days and that was sad to see. After I had to prepare for district meeting so we were inside for the rest of the day.
I was reading in Ephesians 6:6 and it talked about doing service for the love of God not to please the eye. I really liked that. We all have opportunities everyday to serve and so we need to recognize those opportunities and do that because when we do so it pleases God and we are blessed for it.  Love yall!


Hey yall!

This last week was a good week. It started out slow but ended really well.
Monday we just had a regular P-Day and then we had a lesson with “k” on the Word of Wisdom which went well.
Tuesday we had District Meeting and then we did service at the chamber of Commerce.
Wednesday we did a lot of service around the community which was really good. Service really does soften hearts.
Thursday we were doing service at the Museum and the lady at the front desk started asking about what we do as missionaries and stuff and we ended up teaching her the first part of the restoration! it was really cool and she invited us to share the rest with her on Monday.
Friday we did some finding but nobody was willing to listen to us. After that it was just more service because as soon as we take off the white shirt and tie and put on some service clothes everybody is ready to open there doors haha!
Saturday is where it got entertaining…for me anyways haha. So at about 10 o clock in the morning elder cichoski walks out of the bathroom and tells me that we have a problem. I don’t know where along the line he decided this was also my problem haha! apparently he thought it would be a good idea to clean out his ears with a teeth whitening syringe, with the small cap still on. I bet you can guess what happened next. yep, he lost the cap in his ear! haha I couldn’t even see it with a flashlight. so we went to the hospital to get it taken out and they weren’t willing to take him because they were booked solid that day. So we called our branch president who is a dentist and he told us he could try to suck it out with one of there sucky things. and it worked! So I learned two things from that experience. 1. if your going to clean out your ears with a teeth whitening syringe make sure the cap is off!! and 2. if you ever get something stuck in your ear, don’t waste your time at the hospital, just go to the dentist! haha life lessons from being companions with elder cichoski. Then we went finding. We ended up finding two new investigators. We knocked on this one guys door named “r” and he let us teach him the gospel of jesus Christ and he told us to come back Wednesday! Then we knocked on this door and this lady named “r” opens the door. she let us in and we taught her the Restoration. It went so well and she was loving all of it! After she told us that a few days earlier she decided to get serious about finding a church and she thought it was so cool we had knocked on her door. After that she told us she normally would have shut the door in our face but when she saw us she all of a sudden felt really calm and peaceful and she decided to let us in. It was really cool!
Sunday we had church and “k” and his wife showed up!  Then we went and visited with less active members and we were actually able to meet with some. then I got sick and spent the rest of the night throwing up which was not as fun. But im feeling better now and it happened the night before p day so it couldn’t have been a better day to recover.
So yeah overall it was a really good week!  Love yall!


Well this last week was pretty slow because I was out for a big part of it with the flu.

Monday I was inside all day with the flu and that was not fun at all but we still went and taught a lesson we had scheduled and that went really well.
Tuesday we had district meeting then we went to one of our lessons and the lady wasn’t there! it was pretty sad because she had so much potential but hopefully we can catch her again.
Wednesday the flu hit me again hard so I decided to just take a day off and fully recover so I could better serve through the rest of the week. 
Thursday we tried contacting a ton of people but everyone fell through. This town has turned into a ghost town the past few days. There is literally nobody opening there doors to us and there is nobody keeping there appointments. We are able to do a lot of service though.
Friday we contacted less actives and then we went finding but again nobody opened there door and so it was pretty discouraging but we just kept pushing. Then we tried stopping by former investigators but either nobody was there or they had moved.
Saturday we did a lot of service helping an elderly couple move a bunch of ther moms stuff to a nursing home. They were both hurt so we got to help them with that. After they kept trying to pay us and we told them we cant do that and we are just helping them because we like to and they kept insisting and Sis. Webb told them about Fast offerings and so they donated $200 to Fast offerings. And they aren’t members. So that was pretty cool! Then we got transfer calls. Elder Cichoski is headed to Clovis New Mexico and im staying and getting Elder Smith.
Sunday we spent the whole day going around so Elder Cichoski could say bye to people but it was good and we were able to see a lot of people.
Well that was this weeks news! love yall!

So as you can see he has been very busy this month with a lot of service projects. I think he is learning the true meaning of mosiah 2:17&18- 

And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.
     Behold, ye have called me your king; and if I, whom ye call your king, do labor to serve you, then ought not ye to labor to serve one another?

We were able to receive a few letters from him this month and a package that included his first full sd card. I could say that it made our day but that would be an understatement. It was AMAZING to see all his pictures and videos that we had no idea he took. Some of the videos were absolutely hilarious. I will add some of these pictures to a new post. We also received updates from Lenore. She sent us pictures and videos of chance that we loved!  I don’t think these special ladies realize how important these little updates are to us and what they do for us. Here are a few pictures from the past month. 

Here are a few pictures of his valentines package.