Seems like I can’t keep up lately!  Spring is always a busy time and this year is no different. Chance seems to be doing well and we aren’t getting as much info as we would like, but we all receive a hand written letter at least once every couple weeks so that’s nice. He seems happy and he seems to really like his new companion Elder Smith.   Here are his letters from the last few weeks.  


Well this last week was a really awesome week!  Tuesday we went to Abiline so I could drop off elder Cichoski and I picked up Elder Smith. That was a huge chunk of our day.

Wednesday we had district meeting and then we went finding but with no luck. After we did service at the museum and then we did service for a non member.
Thursday was awesome! we did service for the Salvation army and then we went finding and found some really cool people! after we met with a less active and that went well. That night we had a lesson with “blank”.  We taught her the plan of salvation and everything just made so much sense to her!
Friday we just did a lot of service and introduced Elder Smith to some people. We had lunch with the Webbs and some of their friends from Massachusetts.
Saturday and sunday we had stake conference but it was really good!
If you read in the book of Moses, God tells Enoch to walk with him. That’s interesting because if God doesn’t walk with us we will only go where we are comfortable but if we walk with God he will take us places we never thought we could go! We are comfortable as humans walking on a nice mountain trail taking in the scenery around us but God wants us on top of the mountain. Its a hard hike but we get up there and we realize we can see so much more than we ever could have down on the trail. So walk with God and he will take you amazing places.
I love yall!

Cockroaches in the bathroom!😬

Hey yall! This has beena good week.

Monday was just a regular P-day.
Tuesday we did so much service! We went to the Chamber of commerce at 10 and didn’t leave till 4. We had to fill, seal, stamp, and address 300 envelopes. It was starting to wear on us haha. Then we had a lesson at the wares.
Wednesday we had zone training in Brownwood and then we came back and went tracting. We found this Pentecostal minister and we totally taught him the restoration and he liked it! we gave him a book of Mormon and he said he would read it!
Thursday we did service for Jennifer by tilling her garden. Then we mowed Sis. Webbs lawn. After that We helped Sis. Ware plant her garden. Haha then we had a funny experience. We were parked in front of an investigators house about to knock on her door when she drives around the corner. She sees us and flies off. it looked like we were just waiting there haha. so we tried back a little later to see if we couldn’t explain ourselves and the same thing happens again! She threw her hands up and tore off down the street. We just started laughing at that point.
Friday we got a phone call asking us to give a blessing to a member who was about to die. So we went and did it and that was hard. It was the first and hopefully the last time I have to give a blessing to someone telling them their father in heaven was ready for them. She ended up passing away that night. After that we went to the Chamber of commerce again and we had to rip open all those envelopes again because Emilee put a name on there that wasn’t supposed to be on there. haha we just laughed about that too. Then we did service at the animal shelter which is always fun.
Saturday we did service for Jan and then tried by some people. We tried by the Pentecostal minister and he had read and he really liked it! Then we went to the webs for dinner and while we were grilling a lady drives by. We waved to her and she waved back, with one finger, the middle one. Then we had a lesson with “blank” that went great! We extended the Baptismal invitation for April 1st and she accepted! 
Sunday was awesome! “Blank” came to church! she really liked it and she said she will be back next week! Then we contacted some former investigators and we got a return appointment with one and then we tried by another but he had died but his grandson, “blank” had opened the door and we taught him the restoration! It was really cool.
So my spiritual thought this week comes from Mosiah 4. I love how in that chapter king Benjamin tells about all these things we should do. And they are all good things. Then he goes on to say that when we do these things we get blessings showered upon us. God is merciful and he loves each and everyone of you! I know its true with all my heart and I know that the lord will never leave you alone! Love yall!


hey yall!  This last week was a pretty good week.

Monday we spent a big chunk of it headed to brady so I could do a baptismal interview for one of the brady sisters investigators and that was really exciting for them. That is one of the downsides of being a district leader in an outlying area haha is you have to drive a ton! but it was a good day.
Tuesday we had district meeting then we came back and did service for sis. webb. She was gone to san Antonio for the week so I was the one who had to cook dinner for john haha. I was able to whip up an Italian sausage portabella mushroom jambalaya haha I just hope it tasted as good to him as it sounded.
Wednesday we finished up our service for sis. Webb. Then we went and did some more service at the museum. After that we did some finding then we ended our day by making cookies for the funeral of a member.
Thursday we did service at the chamber of commerce and then went finding and we were able to teach 4 other lessons. We were walking down the street and saw this lady walking barefoot in her pajamas walking her goat so that was interesting haha. 
Friday we went to a funeral for Sis. Deax. After we went and did service at the museum for a few hours and then I had to cook john dinner again. I cooked him fajitas. Im sure he was excited for lanore to get back haha. After that we taught “blank” the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Saturday we did service at the community garden and then we did service for Sis. Wares son in law fred. we helped him move out of his house. Then we went to the brady sisters baptism and then came back and contacted former investigators.
Sunday we had church but “blank” had the flu so she couldn’t make it. Then we contacted less actives and formers again. We contacted an investigator also and when we asked if now was a good time for a lesson he said “no I just woke up a while ago” haha I was just like what? Elder smith didn’t even know how to respond to it.
This week my spiritual thought comes from Alma chapter 1. This is when Nehor had turned a lot of people away from the church and those people started persecuting church members but the church members continued helping the poor and needy even if they weren’t members of the church. in verse 31 it says “And they did prosper and become far more wealthy than those who did not belong to their church” This shows how when we endure our trials and take care of people and serve people the lord always blesses us.
Love yall!


So this week was a great week! it sounds like you all had good weeks too.

Monday was a really fun day. We got together as a district and played some card games and Frisbee golf and sand volleyball so that was really fun. Then we ended up teaching “blank” the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that went really well.

Tuesday we had district meeting and then we contacted some former investigators. We met this one guy named RJ. He is a pentacostal youth minister. We read the book of Mormon with him and he really liked it! and so now we are teaching both of the Pentecostal youth ministers in Comanche haha! Then we went to the relief society party and “blank” showed up! So that was good.
Wednesday we had a full day of service. We started out by framing a shed for this older couple who wasn’t able to do it. Then we went and did some service at the museum and at the chamber of commerce. After that we had youth and that went well.
Thursday we started off doing service at the Salvation Army and just like Elder Bird I felt so good as I was helping those people pack food out to their cars and it was just a really good feeling. After that we did some finding and we found a lady who had actually read the Book of Mormon and she liked it! so we are going to be meeting with her again for sure. We also met a guy who yelled at us through his glass door “GO AWAY!!” so I said “ok sir well you have a really nice day” and he said “yeah ive told you a 100 times to stop knocking on my door!” so we went back to the apartment and wrote that in the area book so that doesn’t happen again haha! after that we met with our neighbor tyler and his wife and got to know them a little better. 
Friday we did service at the chamber of commerce again and then some more at the museum. After that we went to De Leon and were able to get in contact with a Less active and so that was good. We also taught “blank” the ten commandments and started planning for her baptism which was exciting.
Saturday we did service at the community gardens and we pretty much just mowed like 3 acres of lawn haha but it was fun! Then we prepared for our church talks and then taught “blank” about following the prophet and we went over the baptismal interview questions so she would be prepared for that.  Then we met with RJ again. After that we did some finding and found a lady named Mary.
Sunday we gave our talks in church and that went well. Then we met with Felix and had a little bible study with him. Then we had dinnerwith the  webs and they invited “blank” so we taught her the law of tithing. After that we were able to get in contact with a referral named “blank” and we taught her the plan of salvation and it went really well!
Well I just want to bear a quick testimony. I know that Christ lives. I know that he is the first born and only begotten in the flesh son of our Heavenly Father. I know that he came to earth in a humble birth and led by example. I know that he provided the plan for us to use our agency and provided the perfect example to follow. I know that he suffered for each of our sins in the garden of Gethsemane and that he finished his mortal ministry on the Cross. I know that in three days he rose again and in doing so provided a way for us all to be resurrected. I know that he loves and knows each of us perfectly and that he carries us through our trials and sufferings. In the words of Bruce R McConkie “I know that my redeemer lives”
Love yall!

Here is our little St. Patrick’s day package we put together for elder brown and elder smith!☘️o