Hey yall! Hope you’ve all had a great week.  This week was a little hard for us.  Monday we went to have a lesson with “r” and she ended up dropping us. She said she was to busy for this right now so that was a bummer.

Tuesday we did a ton of service in peoples yards. We had a less active member who had a tree fall on his house so we helped him clean that up. Then we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ to “s” and it went so well. Then we taught “-” about Relief society and about the importance of prayer so that was good. We were on tornado watch for about 4 hours so that was pretty interesting.
Wednesday we had exchanges and it went really well. The Zone Leaders came here so all 4 of us framed some more of that shed and we got a big chunk of it done. Then me and Elder Wardell went and visited a less active and did some service for her. Then we did some finding and found a few potentials. After that we had youth night.
Thursday we had Zone Conference in Abilene and that went really well! It took up our whole day.
Friday we had a full day of service. We did some for the Chamber of Commerce then we helped the High School set up for prom. It was so weird being in high school again haha. then we had a lesson with “-” and we shared the easter initiative. Also in the morning we had a foot race with Sis. Webb to the donut shop so that was fun haha. we won by the way. Just sayin… haha
Saturday we had general conference which went super well and then we did some service at the museum and had a lesson with a less active.
Sunday we had conference again and “-” came to the afternoon session. After that we had a lesson with her about obedience to the commandments and it went super well. But it was still a pretty rough day. we got a text in the morning and “s” dropped us. Then we stopped by another investigator to teach her and she dropped us too. So we had 3 investigators drop us In a week. But it was still a good week and we are going to keep our heads up! Hope yall have a great week!
My spiritual thought comes from Alma 18 and 19. This is when ammon is teaching king lamoni and after he teaches him king lamoni is overcome by the spirit and appears to be dead. He had been like that for 2 days and 2 nights and ammon says he will rise the next day. I think its really interesting it was 3 days that he appeared to be dead. Its like the natural man died and after 3 days of being taught by the spirit, a new man was resurrected. He begins to teach his people and many of them are baptized after that. Remember each of us can bury the natural man and be spiritually resurrected into a new man! I love you all!

I found a turtle on a lawnthere is no water drainage systems here so the water just stands after it rains. 

Hey yall! this week was a really good week! We started out on Tuesday by having district meeting and then we did some service for Salvation Army. Then we did some service for the chamber of commerce. We did a TON of service this week because me and Elder Smith wanted to get 60 hours of service in a transfer.

Wednesday we did some service at the Chamber of commerce again then we went finding but with no luck. After we had a lesson with “f” then we did some family history. After that we taught “a” about member missionary work.
Thursday we did service at the salvation army and then at the museum. After that we did some finding and found a lady named “l” We taught her the restoration and when we gave her the book of Mormon her whole face lit up! it made us so happy to see her so happy about it! Then we taught “r” and our neighbor. 
Friday was a service day! we started out putting another wall on that shed. Then we helped move some firewood. After that we helped a lady patch her roof but she didn’t have the right tools so we didn’t get to far. After that we had weekly planning then we did service at the animal shelter. Then we taught “a” about learning and serving in the church.
Saturday was a crazy day! we did some service at the chamber of commerce. Then we finished patching that roof. After that we went to this motorcycle rally thing to see if we could do service there but we couldn’t find any. Then we had our baptism! it was so good to see her so happy! Me and Elder Smith were on Cloud 9 after that. Then we had transfer calls. I got told im going to Lubbock to be a Zone Leader so that was pretty crazy. President heap only calls if your getting leadership so when I saw his name on the phone I was just like “well this isn’t good” haha but it should be a good experience!
Sunday we had church and then we did some finding but we didn’t have any luck. Then we said by to some people and taught “f” the plan of salvation.  So yeah it was a solid week!

My spiritual thought is about prayer. If you read in the book of Moses you can see that the spiritual creation preceded the Temporal. We should view morning prayer in the same way. morning prayer is vital to how each day is created. but just like the spiritual and temporal creation are linked, so are morning and evening prayer. In the morning we pray for strength and guidance and at night we pray with gratitude for the strength and guidance we receive. So prayers aren’t an individual thing. They are linked across days, weeks, months, and years. “Pray always that ye may come off conqueror”
Love yall!

“There are feet to steady, hands to grasp, minds to encourage, hearts to inspire, and souls to save” – President Thomas S. Monson

Here is a little more info from another letter that talks about his duties as a zone leader.  Lenore was also planning on making him them a special Easter breakfast so he was a little disappointed that he wasn’t able to experience that. I guess we will just have to go visit one day and get his special breakfast! ;). He also had a beautiful spiritual thought that I wanted to share. 

The baptism was great! the whole week before she told us she had been telling everyone she met she was becoming a Mormon. She was so excited! she is already doing missionary work too which is cool! So some crazy news. It doesn’t look like Lenore will be making me that breakfast. Im headed to Lubbock to be a Zone Leader! im pretty nervous actually. im gonna be over close to 30 missionaries, I have to have a conference call with the other zone leaders from the other 8 zones and president heap once a week to discuss how the mission is doing, instruct at Zone trainings and at some Zone conferences where a couple zones meet together, and go on exchanges with all the district leaders im over and with the assistants to the president so now my plate will be really full. But it will be a really good learning experience! have you seen the new easter initiative? its so good and also the videos that go with it. I just think it is so crazy how anybody could have so much love as to lay down his life for the sins of the world. He had to be absolutely perfect. when you try to wrap your mind around what that would take to not even think a negative thought, it really puts into perspective how much he loves us. It also humbles me to know that he could have delivered himself from that on a number of occasions but he didn’t. Just the love that comes from His death is crazy and I don’t think if any of us could really comprehend what he actually went through we would ever have a desire to sin again. Love you and have a good week!!

I loved this and I love the fact that Jesus did have a perfect love for us. So perfect that he suffered tremendously more than any of us can comprehend, in the garden of gasthemane, just for me. For all of us.  That he took our sins upon him to save each of us.  I am so grateful for a loving elder brother that was willing to die for us so we may live with him and our families and friends once again. 

Tracting in Texas. “Beware of dog!”our weekly animal picture from this animal loving elder!

Well this was the first week in lubbock and an exciting one too. Monday we got all ready for me to head to Lubbock and i said bye to more people. 

Tuesday we drove to Abilene and i got in with elder walker and we drove the transfer van to Lubbock and then from there we had to take more missionaries to Amarillo. 

Wendesday we drove back from amarillo and then we went to some of the District meetings in our zone. After that we did all of our shopping and then went to the temple with some recent converts!

Thursday we started out by helping a member move out of her house. Then we drove to snyder for a baptismal interview. After that we taught lessons three different guys. Then we had a lesson with a recent convert. We also had a bunch of elders stay in our apartment and we had Elder Grover, my companion from Kermit, staying with us so that was awesome to see him again. 

Friday we had Mission Leadership Conference and that was really good. It took up almost all of our day though. Then we went to texas tech so Elder Walker could do my plan. 

Saturday we taught a lesson to another recent convert, then we had weekly planning. After that we contacted formers and got one return appoointment. Then we taught a lesson to a couple. Apparently they havent been keeping appointments but we were able to meet with them. 

Sunday We had church and that was pretty interesting to be in a ward again. Its a little weird though. We had a member tell us of a hungarian guy who just lost his wife and so we visited him and when he saw our name tags he gave us huge hugs. So we basically just talked to him about a lot of stuff. Then we had a guy named “e” call us to come visit him and we were so pumped and we get there and we start into the restoration and hes going along with it and he goes to get his scritpures and he comes out witha quad! so we asked where he got it and he said hes had it for a few years so elder Walker was like “Are you a member?” and hes just like yeah like he thought we knew that already! Ha!!  Then we took brother mills to a family because he served his mission in taiwan and so he translated for us and that was cool! They said theyd be baptized if they knew it was true so we told them to pray and they said they would. 

So as we just had our easter holiday dont let the spirit that was felt with that day leave. constantly contemplate on and express gratitude for the ressurection. I know we will all live again in perfect bodies and that we will know pure and complete happiness. 

I love yall!


Hey yall!  this was a good week.  Monday we did our shopping and played sports with the other missionaries here. We also had a lesson with “-” and he said he knew the book of mormon was true and that it had more truth in it than the bible which is something you never hear down here in the bible belt. He said he would pray about baptism! 

Tuesday we drove all the way to Hobbs, New Mexico for a district meeting. It went really well and then we had to drive all the way back so it took up a huge chunk of our day. Then we had two lessons with younger kids and they were both pretty rough because they couldnt stay focused. Then we had a lesson with “-” and “-” and they were doing a lot better and they were reading.

Wednesday we had a lesson with “-” and then we did service at the food bank with like 8 other missionaries. Then we taught the Restoration to a lady and it went really well. After that we contacted some formers and then went to Texas Tech so Elder Walker could work on his my plan.
Thursday we taught a lesson to a Less Active. He told us that he had just been promoted to master chief in the Air Guard and that he had just gotten his brown belt in Brazilian Ju Jitzu. i asked him if he could show me his Ju Jitzu moves on Elder Walker, which elder walker was not expecting haha!  Then we did service at the food bank again and did some Less Active contacting and i met a lady from minersville! Then we did finding and found a couple really solid people. One lady seemed super prepared. I also got a call asking if i could give a talk in sacrament so that wasnt my favorite way to end the day but oh well.

Friday we did service for Habitat for Humanity which is a place that builds homes for less fortunate families. Then we taught a lesson to a Recent Convert on the Temple grounds and that was awesome. Then we did finding and found a guy who told us to come back.
Saturday we taught a lesson to “-” again and then we helped a members relative move into a house in our area and he wants to learn more and has already been reading the Book of Mormon and everything. Then we had correlation and weekly planning which took up the rest of our day. 
Sunday we had church and i gave my talk in sacrament. Then we did some finding and we found a guy named “-” and he told us to come back and then we found a girl named “-” and she was about to go to work but she took a book of Mormon and told us she has been looking for a church so that was awesome. Then we also had a lesson with the 9 year old, “-” and she is getting baptized in may but her parents are members so its not really a convert baptism but its still awesome shes getting baptized!
My spiritual thought comes from two words. The words DO and BE. The Lord asks us to DO stuff for him. DO can be measured. You can go to church every sunday. You can read the scriptures every day. You can pray every day. But the lord in asking us to DO something is hoping someday we will BE something. He wants us to BE loving. To BE forgiving. To BE faithful. You cant measure BE. its something you BEcome and its where the Lord hopes we make it to through DOing. 

I love yall! Have an awesome week!

I loved his DO and BE thought. I hope I’m DOing everything I need to DO to BE who God wants me to BE. I strive everyday to have the qualities of our savior. I am not perfect but I want to DO what I can to BEcome the best version of myself I can BE!      “DO so I may BE!”Elder Grover and Elder Brown meet up once again. :). Elder Mozingo is in Lubbock too and chance was thrilled about that!  He emailed me a separate email just to let me know he was sitting right by him emailing together last Monday. 

Easter was also this past month and we were able to send chance a cute little package filled with object lessons to help him teach investigators.