Wow!  Time sure is flying by and I can’t seem to keep up!  May was a busy month. Elder brown was transferred to Lubbock Texas and we were able to spend a couple hours of the phone with him for Mother’s Day!  It was a great month!  Here are a few of elder brown’s letters from the month of May. 


Hey yall! Hope you’ve all had a great week.  This week was a little hard for us.  Monday we went to have a lesson with “blank” and she ended up dropping us. She said she was to busy for this right now so that was a bummer.

Tuesday we did a ton of service in peoples yards. We had a less active member who had a tree fall on his house so we helped him clean that up. Then we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ to “blank” and it went so well. Then we taught “blank” about Relief society and about the importance of prayer so that was good. We were on tornado watch for about 4 hours so that was pretty interesting.
Wednesday we had exchanges and it went really well. The Zone Leaders came here so all 4 of us framed some more of that shed and we got a big chunk of it done. Then me and Elder Wardell went and visited a less active and did some service for her. Then we did some finding and found a few potentials. After that we had youth night.
Thursday we had Zone Conference in Abilene and that went really well! It took up our whole day.
Friday we had a full day of service. We did some for the Chamber of Commerce then we helped the High School set up for prom. It was so weird being in high school again haha. then we had a lesson with “blank” and we shared the easter initiative. Also in the morning we had a foot race with Sis. Webb to the donut shop so that was fun haha. we won by the way. Just sayin… haha
Saturday we had general conference which went super well and then we did some service at the museum and had a lesson with a less active.
Sunday we had conference again and “blank” came to the afternoon session. After that we had a lesson with her about obedience to the commandments and it went super well. But it was still a pretty rough day. we got a text in the morning and “blank” dropped us. Then we stopped by another investigator to teach her and she dropped us too. So we had 3 investigators drop us In a week. But it was still a good week and we are going to keep our heads up! Hope yall have a great week!
My spiritual thought comes from Alma 18 and 19. This is when ammon is teaching king lamoni and after he teaches him king lamoni is overcome by the spirit and appears to be dead. He had been like that for 2 days and 2 nights and ammon says he will rise the next day. I think its really interesting it was 3 days that he appeared to be dead. Its like the natural man died and after 3 days of being taught by the spirit, a new man was resurrected. He begins to teach his people and many of them are baptized after that. Remember each of us can bury the natural man and be spiritually resurrected into a new man! I love you all!


Hey Yall!  So this week had its ups and downs but overall a good week!

Monday we had a lot of our evening appointments fall through but “blank and blank” let us come over and share something with them. 
Tuesday we went on exchanges with the District leader in Snyder. They came into our area though. I went with Elder Pierson. We found a couple of potentials and we also had a lesson with “blank” and her son wants to start taking the lessons so we shared a short lesson with him.
Wednesday we wrapped up our exchange and then me and Elder Nielson had to take the Van driving test so we can drive the transfer van on transfer day. We also had a lesson with “blank” and his son who also wants to start taking the lessons. Then we taught “blank” the parable of the good samaritan using stuffed animals. Then we got told we needed to give a blessing to an old man in the hospital so we went there and we walk in and i notice hes not wearing his gown like he should so i stop right there and in my mind im just like “nope im letting elder walker take one for the team” so he walks in and is like “Hey char- …and your not wearing any pants” and just turns around and walks out to get a nurse. So they got him all dressed up again and after that i just sat there for like 15 minutes trying not to laugh as Elder walker tried getting info out of this old senile guy on meds. At one point the guy kept trying to raise his hand like he needed to tell us something but it was under his blanket so Elder walker moved the blanket and he just raised his hand and pointed at Elder Walker then dropped his hand. Elder Walker was like “was that all you wanted?” and the guy just passes out. So we start looking around all of a sudden he startsmumbling  something and we turn around and he is pointing again then he just passes out again. So that was not a very effective use of time haha.
Thursday we went on Exchanges with the Caprock District leader and his companion. I went with Elder Hiner. It was a good exchange we met a couple really solid people. Then we taught a less active and after that we contacted formers.
Friday we did service at habitat for humanity and then we did our weekly planning. After that we were headed to an appointment and President Heap called and told us he had been made aware of some stuff happening between zones that shouldnt be happening and that it was between us and the Lubbock North Zone Leaders to fix it. So we met with the Lubbock North ZLs and we talked about how we could help our zones and we got it figured out. we also taught “blank” and we discussed the atonement.
Saturday was a really rough day. We had a lesson with “blank” but then after that everyone of our appointments fell through and everyone of our backups fell through. But we did have the adult session of Stake Conference and that went really well. President Shumway who had recently lost his wife bore his testimony and he said ” i am thankful for this trial” It was a super cool thing to see and hear.
Sunday we had stake conference and like 30 min in “blank” got up and walked out and never came back in. Turns out she walked home. And she lives like 10 minutes across town by car. We dont know why either! After stake conference we thought we were gonna have a relapse of the day before but we were able to teach “blank and blank” and then we taught “blank” we taught him the Plan of Salvation and he was way into and he said he would pray about a date about a date for baptism. 
So my spiritual thought this week is pretty short cause im limited on time but just remember this. CPR- Church, Prayer, and Reading scriptures. This will keep you spiritually alive.   I love yall!


Hey yall i hope youve been having an awesome week! Mine last week had a rough start with getting a ticket on monday but it got better because we were able to teach “blank”

Tuesday we had district meeting and then we did service at catholic charities. After that we did some finding and then had a lesson with “blank”. We taught him the restoration and re extended the baptismal invitation and he accepted to be baptized on the 20th! it was awesome.
Wednesday we had exchanges with the assistants. I went with Elder Peck and we did some finding on Texas Tech Campus and it is so different! We split up until we are like 30 yards apart and then we just start talking to and teaching people by ourselves! its a really good way to see where you are as a missionary because your all by yourself. i was able to teach 3 restoration lessons though and place 3 book of mormons in like an hour and a half we were there so it was fun!
Thursday we did some family history work but Elder Walker was super sick so after that we just sat in the apartment for a big chunk of the day. It was ok though because Elder Garlick and Elder Hawes found out about it so they brought me some mcdonalds. We also taught a lesson to a lady named “blank”. She is this 50 year old african american and she calls us sugar baby haha. But the lesson went really well! Then bishop wade had us over and taught us how to properly make Chicken Fried Steak. Then we taught “blank” the restoration. 
Friday Elder walker was still pretty sick so we took a short break again but then we did service at Habitat for Humanity and then we had our weekly planning. We also had the Ward Potluck and our investigator “blank” showed up so that was good! then we had a lesson with “blank”. 
Saturday we helped a member move out and then we worked on our instruction that we have to give at zone conference. Then we did some more of our weekly planning and then we had Ward Correlation. After that we had dinner at the prats and then we contacted some people. After that we taugth “blank” the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is so prepared!
Sunday we had Church and we had 3 of our investigators show up! Then we finished our weekly planning and then did some finding. After that we taught “blank” the Word of Wisdom and then we had our weekly conference call with the other Zone Leaders. 
My spiritual thought is super short because im running out of time but just remember that the Lord never missed an opportunity to serve. In the book of Matthew we read about the man who is wanting Jesus to heal his daughter. On the way there he is healing people the whole time. The savior never missed an opportunity to serve his fellow man. He was the greatest of all but served the lowest of all.  
Hope yall have a great week! 

“There are lots of missionaries in Lubbock!”

5-15-17 “Mother’s Day is the best holiday on the mission

Hey yall! I hope all you moms had an awesome mothers day.

So Monday we had our P day of course and then we had a lesson with “blank” and she really understood the need for the Book of Mormon. We also had a lesson with a single mom named and her kids and it went super good. She is super prepared. Then we taughtt he 10 commandments and the Word of Wisdom to “blank”. 
Tuesday we had Zone conference which went well. Then we started our exchange with the Hobbs Elders. Elder Page came with me and we taught a lesson to “blank”. At one point we read when Christ appears to the nephites and when we stopped we looked up and she was crying. it was such a spiritual lesson! 
Wednesday me and Elder Page did some finding but we werent able to find anybody. Then we had to drive to Seminole to meet the other Hobbs elders so they could take Elder Page and Elder Knowles home. Then we got told our truck needed to be fixed so we needed to drive the transfer van. So it was just me and Elder Walker driving this huge 12 passenger van around all day. Then we had “blanks” baptismal interview.
Thursday we did some family History with “blank” and then we went and did some service at the food bank. After that we taught “blank” the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Then we got in contact with a referral. Its a guy and girl and they invited us back. Then we had a lesson with “blank” on Church, Prayer, and reading and that went really well. 
Friday was a good day. We started out doing service at Habitat for Humanity and then we had a lesson with “blank and blank”.  After that we had weekly planning and then we went to the temple!
Saturday we started out helping Bro. Mortenson brand his cows. Then we had “blanks” baptism. After that we had a short lesson with “blank” Then we had a lesson with “blank”. After that we got in contact with a referral from the Caprock elders. They had been teaching her and her brother and they have baptismal dates but then they moved into our area but we had a lesson with them and it went really well!
Sunday we had church and then we skyped home and it was definetly the highlight of the week! it was so good to see my family and be able to talk to them and see how well they were doing! 
My spiritual thought has to do with mothers. In the Bible there are a few times when Jesus calls Mary “Woman”. I think any of us would get slapped if we called our mothers “Woman” but Christ was not meaning it in a disrespectful way. He was simply stating that Mary was the “woman” of all women. She was the mother of the Son of God. We should all have the mindset that our mothers are the “Woman” of all women. They do more for us than any of us can ever comprehend. I truly believe the reason men hold the priesthood is so they can get to the level that women and especially mothers are already at.   I love yall!


This last week has been a little hectic at times so i forgot to bring my journal to tell yall what happened this last week. So this is gonna be super short!

The main thing that happened last week was on saturday we had “blanks” baptism! it went so well and it was an amazing experience. Then on Sunday we had sacrament and i confirmed him in there. It was another amazing spiritual experience. We also got transfer calls and i found out that i am going to be getting elder Pulsipher. He was my Zone Leader for 2 transfers in comanche so we know each other pretty well! it should be good!
My spiritual thought this week comes from my awesome younger brother. He said it best so ill write it like he said it!  “My spiritual thought this week is something that we learned in Young Mens. Its about making our prayers more effective. We talked about pondering what we are going to pray about before we pray. Then after we pray, being reverent and and totry to listen for answers or guidance.”  i would like to extend the commitment to yall to try pondering before and after prayer and i promise youll be blessed!  Love yall!


Hey yall how has your week been? i hope its been great.  So monday we had our regulay p day stuff and then after p day activites ended i had to drive the transfer van with another missionary up to amarillo. I stayed the night with the zone leaders up there.

Tuesday i woke up early and drove a van load of missionaries down to Lubbock. After getting to the transfer site i stayed there and just made sure everything was running smoothly and people were getting where they needed to be. Elder Pulsipher got there around 2 and helped me the rest of the day.
Wednesday we had district meeting and then we went and did some service at catholic charities. After that we went by some people but literally all of them fell through but it was ok. It was still a good day. 
Thursday we went to the food bank to do some service and then we went and had a lesson with “blank”. It went pretty well. Then we helped the strattons move. that was sad to see them go because they are such good people. Then we had a lesson with “blank” because he is leaving for the summer. 
So friday we had Mission Leadership Counsel and that took a long time so when we got out of there we had enough time to do our studies and try by some people but we didnt have a ton of luck again. It was a pretty slow day honestly.
Saturday we did a lot of weekly planning for this new transfer and then we went and did some finding in our area then we went and did some finding in the Regal Park area because those sisters were really struggling to have any investigators but we found them some people so hopefully that works out. 
Sunday we had church and then we had a lesson with “blank and blank”.  then we got a return appointment with “blank and blank” so that was good. Then we stopped by a referral and they werent home but the mother in law was and she told us she would like to learn more so we are going back on wednesday.

So ive been reading in Jesus the Christ and i was reading about Judas Iscariot. As you know Judas betrayed Christ with a kiss. It made me wonder if im betraying Christ with a kiss? Am i going to church, reading the scriptures, and saying my prayers just to turn around and do the opposite of what we learn through these things? or am i following the example of Peter who when Christ asked if he would leave said “Lord, who else do we have to turn to?” I would like to invite everyone to follow the example of Peter and try to stay away from doing those little things that betray Christ with a kiss.  Love yall!

Looks like he as been super busy and having so much fun!  

Trent and I took a little trip during May and we ended up flying right over his area. It was harder on me than I thought it would be. On our way home we had a lay over in dallas. Man I wanted to ditch out and hop in a rental car and drive as fast as I could to Lubbock. If he had been in his last area I don’t think I could have resisted.  It’s only a 2 hour drive from dallas. We were so close yet so far away!!!

It was so good to talk to him on Mother’s Day and a little easier than our first call at Christmas. Tears were still shed but it wasn’t so heart wrenching.  He was so happy and to see him laughing and joking and being his self was so reassuring!  He’s loving his mission, his companion and the people of Texas. He loves the Heaps and is going to miss them when they leave. We love to hear his spiritual experiences and he always leaves our calls with a thought and a prayer. The spirit that fills our home while he bares his testimony and prays is undeniable and we cherish our time we get with him on the phone. We have been so lucky to get several hours with him both times he has called and seeing him so filled with love for his savior and the people he is serving warms our hearts.