Elder brown is headed into another transfer in San Angelo. He was transferred last week but just moved about 5 minutes from his old apartment. He is now serving as the zone leader in the San Angelo ysa. He is in a branch and when they go out looking for investigators they get to be the ones that contact and reach out to the 17-30 year olds. They also are able to go to institute at the local Air Force base there so that’s kind of a neat experience. He is with elder bishop now and was sad to leave elder Terry. They got really close but it will be nice to get to know someone new.

Elder bishop at the donkey reserve. There are around 600 donkeys here and they go and help out when they can. elder brown and elder Terry bowling with a couple they have gotten close to. he was so excited because he has a queen bed in his new apartment. I won’t burst his bubble, but i think it’s just a full! 😂. Oh The things that bring joy to a missionary!not sure if this is a day of service or a day of fun!🍂cool shades!😎received this picture from Justin ebmeyer (Breanne Harris’s nephew). The first time they met I got a text saying that Justin had met a good looking elder that took his niece to prom! Funny how small of a world it is. But we feel so blessed that Chance is in good hands and if we ever need anything we have connections!

Also, received this picture from someone in his area that was feeding them dinner. We have been so blessed this month with an abundance of surprise texts and pictures from so many people. I know this has been gods way of letting me know this month that he is in good hands and that the lord is watching over my son.

San Angelo zone conference

And here are a few older pictures from President and sister hales that I forgot to post last time. who’s cuter!?☝🏼👇🏼🤓🤔I’m pretty sure the girls win!!👱🏼‍♀️💕transfer day!!

In one of chances letters I was telling him how I had to give a talk in church and he said that he will be nervous to talk in church when he gets home and I kind of thought that was strange. I figured he would be use to it, but he went on to say how our ward here in Beaver is more than half the size as a stake conference is in his area. I forget how large our numbers are here compared to Texas.

Chance also had a little scare with a cyst that was on his back. He had it drained a while ago but it came back. They told him if they couldn’t take care of it there, he would have to come home and have surgery on it. He was pretty nervous because coming home was the last thing he wanted to do. Thanks to our savior though that knows our deepest desires and wishes the cyst is ok and he is able to stay and finish out his mission.

I just wanted to leave this post with his spiritual thought from his latest email. Satan really is a strong force and living righteously will definitely make you closer to Satan than you care to be, but if you know what your up against you also know how to ignore it or fight against him. It’s a two edged sword that sometimes I could care less to hold, but unfortunately that’s just life and we all get way to many chances to counter the adversary.

My spiritual thought this week comes from Moses 1. Moses was shone all of Gods creations and then as soon as Moses was done talking with God along came Satan trying to make Moses worship him. It just really hit me how everytime we have a spiritual experience you can always count on Satan coming to ruin it. He is the father of all lies and rejoices in iniquity but i know if we do as Moses did in verse 20 and call upon God for strength we can fight anything Satan throws at us.

Happy valentines mom!!!

Here is our valentines to him!