The Lord's work in Texas

Missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints



Week 2

As we are working our way through week two I figured out the answer to one of the most asked question of all times, "where do all the mates go to the socks!"  It's been said that the dryer eats... Continue Reading →

First week in the Provo MTC

After some very agonizing days we have finally made it through the first week. There have been tears shed and moments spent worrying and wondering how Chance has been. If he was ok, scared, lonely, happy.....  I was able to... Continue Reading →

MTC drop-off

Well the big day finally arrived. After being set apart as an elder by President Anderson we slowly made our way to Provo. Hoping that 12:30 wouldn't come to quickly we made a few stops along the way. We finally... Continue Reading →

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