The Lord's work in Texas

Lubbock Texas mission


district leader

Slacking mom

With school starting and the other kids involved in their sports I haven't updated this as much as I should have. Also, with Chance being made District Leader his letters are much shorter. He said he's never been busier in... Continue Reading →

9 months~Mother’s Day

Wow!  Time sure is flying by and I can't seem to keep up!  May was a busy month. Elder brown was transferred to Lubbock Texas and we were able to spend a couple hours of the phone with him for... Continue Reading →

Weeks 20&21~transfer #2

So, again we were hit with another Monday holiday. No letter!!! :(. We did receive a text though from a member informing us that chance was being transferred to Comanche. It's on the very eastern boarder of his mission.  It... Continue Reading →

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