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Perhaps this is the moment for which you were created for

Week 11

Hey yall! This last week was crazy again! Wednesday we met with "name withheld" again and he just kept bringing up that we are saved by grace alone and we dont need to be baptized. I read him Mark 10:37-38... Continue Reading →

Week 9-Jalapeno War

Well this last week was kind of crazy!  Our investigator ----  is doing good. Idk if I told yall about her. She is in her 40s, She has dealt with strokes most her life, a few years ago her mom... Continue Reading →

Week 8~ one month in Texas 

Life is crazy here right now and the days seem to be flying by. That's great I guess seems how every Monday is like Christmas for us.  By Sunday night we are so ready for our email and even though... Continue Reading →

Week 5

Chance was doing lots better this week and it was so relieving to hear that he was enjoying his week and getting into the missionary spirit. As for us, we are kind of getting into a routine too. The shock... Continue Reading →

Weeks 3 & 4

Well, the third week was one of the longest weeks of our lives. We knew there was a high chance that we would not receive an email because of his flight that was headed out Monday morning. We had high... Continue Reading →

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